Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

With New Years only days away it is important to include your new spouse in this year’s resolution. In previous years you were focused on personal goals in regards to your job, health and school, but this year is very different. Now there are two of you that are working together as a unit. In order to stay strong for the year to come here are some ideas for your New Year’s resolution.


The most important aspect of any relationship is communication and what better resolution for you and your spouse to work on next year. With hope of many more years to come it is important to work on communicating right from the start. Transition may have been hard on you both as you adjust to living together and doing everything as one. However, as a commitment to the longevity of your relationship this year would be a great time to work on communicating.

Patients and Understanding

These two terms are in one category because they go together in most situations. If your spouse does not have the skills or knowledge to complete a task you need both patients and understanding to work with them. There are many tasks that your spouse may have never attempted until marrying you and without these two important skills there is much room for frustration and criticism. Make sure and work on both patients and understanding when dealing with any situation with your spouse as it will go far.

Self Control

As a lifelong challenge in most people’s lives the practice of self control in marriage is important. This category is quite large but in marriage there are things that are not suitable and would hurt your spouse. These include cheating, gambling, debt, alcoholism, drug addiction and mental or physical abuse. As a resolution you can work on making sure none of these things happen in your relationship and what you need to do in order to avoid any of them. This may mean changing your job, friends or relocating.

Get Healthy

Your state of health was something that may have been very important to you as a single person but now that you are married it might be put on the back burner. As a New Year’s resolution you can make sure that you and your spouse work together on your health. To ensure you are able to live long and healthy lives together it is important to have good health. Purchase a family membership at your local gym or make it a point to walk together every night. This is a great way to talk and stay fit together.

Laugh Often

Making sure there is plenty of laugher in your day will help make even the most horrible days end well. It is very important to make sure you don’t go to bed angry and especially angry at each other. Even if it seems like your just doing it to do it, make sure and tell the other person your love them. With love and laughter in your lives there is sure to be happiness. Overall that is the point of your New Year’s resolution. Finding happiness in your relationship will help you find happiness in the rest of your life.

Work Together

Making your list of New Year’s resolutions is great to do together as the decisions effect the other person directly. This will enable you both to identify the areas of your relationship that could use a little improvement or stability. As one you will be able to conquer mountains in life so make sure and work together. As silly as it may seem the conversation about your resolutions might bring up things you couldn’t see in normal day to day life. Give it a try and have fun with your spouse this New Year’s.

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