Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

Whether you have short, medium or long length hair there is a wedding day hairstyle for you. From adorable haircuts to perfect up hairdos there is sure to be something you will love. To help you choose the best hairstyle for your wedding day here are some glamorous ideas you can try for the wedding based on your hair length.

Extra Short Hair

If you have extra short hair that you keep less than five inches long then it is important to get a haircut within a week of your wedding. This way when you put styling products and accessories in your hair it fully cooperates. Most extra short hairstyles lose their exact look after about a week or two of grow out so the closer to your wedding you get the haircut the better.

Short Hair

If you hair falls anywhere from a couple inches below your chin to about chin length then you are considered to have short hair. If you have straight hair then a cute bob haircut with a dazzling flower in your hair is a great option. Also if you have straight hair then you can have it curled and pinned back in ringlets to allow for more volume and an adorable look.

On the other hand if you have curly hair then you can use wet gel to accentuate your beautiful natural curls. If you get a haircut right before the wedding then you are sure to have the style you want on your wedding day. Shorter haircuts tend to grow out just like the extra short ones so you want to get it cut as close to the wedding as you can.

Medium Hair

While short hair is nice because it does not require much styling most women fall into the category of having medium length hair. This hair length is from a couple of inches above your shoulder to a few inches below your shoulder. It is manageable and can be easily thrown into a ponytail at the gym. Aside from the perks at the gym of having medium length hair you can do more styles for your wedding.

If you have curly hair then you can straighten your hair for more varieties of both up and down hairstyles. Also if you have straight hair then you can curl it for more varieties of up and down hairstyles. Either way there is more hair to work with which makes your choices grow. Whether you love up hairstyles with buns, curls, volume and accessories or simply want to let you hair blow in the wind the choice is yours.

Long Hair

If you have hair that is at least three inches past your shoulders then you are considered to have long hair. While having long hair can be more work on a daily basis it is great to have for your wedding day. There are wedding magazines and books at the hair salons full of up, half-up and down hairstyles that you can easily copy for your wedding day.

Some of the most popular up hairstyles for long hair are the French twist, pinned curls into a large bun, twisted hair put in a bun and braided buns. You can have these up hairstyles with or without pieces framing your face and accessories or live flowers. Adding flare to your hairstyle does tend to glamorize it a bit more than just leaving it plain.

If you want to have your hair half up or all the way down then you can do things like curls, waves and straighten the down hair. For the half of your hair that you put up you can do braids, buns and twists similar to up hairstyles. If you choose to not have any hair up then you can pin the curls, waves or straightened hair out of your face and just leave it natural otherwise. This will help keep some hair out of your face for photographs and secure your veil for the ceremony.

Talk to Your Stylist

If you have the time it is important to book an appointment a few months before the wedding to have your stylist experiment with your hair. However, if you are having a destination wedding then it would be smart to have your hair cut before you leave for the wedding. Also it is important to find a style that a friend can do for you or you can do yourself in case a hair stylist is not available. On the other hand if a stylist is available at your destination then you should call them to discuss hairstyles so they are prepared for what accessories and ideas you have.

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