Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

While it is quite common to get married while pregnant there are a lot of women who wait until after baby is born to have their wedding. This gives a little bit more time for the new parents to settle into their life together and get the wedding plans together throughout the pregnancy. If you are planning your wedding for after baby is born there here are some tips that you may find really useful.

Setting the Date

When setting the date for your wedding try and give yourself three of four months past the due date of your baby. This will ensure plenty of time to order your dress and accessories in a smaller size and get the proper adjustments. Also this will give your body and mind the time it needs to adjust to the new lifestyle as parents.


After baby is born it is important to take the doctor seriously and allow six weeks or longer to heal. Getting too busy or active can really hurt you which is why they recommend the healing time. Whether you take the whole time off for maternity leave or are a stay at home mom it is important to stay off your feet and relax.


In order to get proper sleep with a newborn there are several different things you may want to consider. With feedings at all hours of the night it is really nice to have baby sleeping in a bassinet or co sleeper next to your bed. This allows you to nurse or bottle feed baby and then put them in their bed and fall right back to sleep. Also if they are bottle fed then have your fiancé feed the baby every other feeding so you can get better sleep.


Feeding the baby breast milk is a wonderful experience but it can often wear a new mother out. Being the only person who can feed baby every feeding until pumping in an option, you will always have to wake up. Having your fiancé do the diaper change that comes along with the feeding will help cut down the amount of time you have to stay awake.

Getting Active

Once your doctor gives you permission to get active treat yourself to a gym membership or if the weather is nice start walking in the park. Starting off slowly is important so you do not wear yourself out too soon and give up from exhaustion. Walking with a stroller in the park is a great cardio workout and you can do it without a sitter. However if the weather is not nice then you can go when your fiancé is home in the evenings for an hour and get your workout in.

Returning to Work

If you are a career mom and continue to work after your baby comes then it is important to adjust together. Your fiancé and you have to share night duty and take turns being exhausted at night. This may mean you have to pump so he can do night feedings of breast milk on his nights. Returning to work is both physically and emotionally draining on a lot of mothers so do not be surprised if you struggle with it.

Realistic Expectations

With all the changes going on in you and your fiancés life it is important to set realistic expectations for the wedding. Having it too soon after baby is born is both stressful and not enough recovery time for your body. Sharing the responsibilities and communicating feelings about what you both want or need from one another will help the transition. Take your time planning the wedding and make things as simple as possible for each other so it does not get too stressful.

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