Wedding Planning Tips

Holiday Weddings

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With winter approaching faster than one would like, your big day is drawing near. Planning the details of your winter wedding is getting more important than ever with less than three months to go. With that in mind I have established a list of topics to go over in detail based on the winter or holiday theme to help with planning your wedding.

Set the Date

When thinking about planning a winter wedding there are three whole months to choose from. Whether you want a regular winter day or a holiday wedding on Hanukah, Christmas or New Years, it is important to keep in mind your family and friends. Hopefully if it is a holiday wedding you will be able to celebrate all together as two happy families spending the holidays together. I must say that is the perfect opportunity for a family gathering. The holidays bring people together as is so adding your wedding to the mix would make it extra special and allow more people to show up.

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By: Alexine

With the popular trend of having weddings on a holiday I decided to come up with a list of the holidays that seemed appropriate for the occasion. This way you can differentiate between the dates and themes to see which one suits your vision of the big day.

New Years Day
This is the first holiday of the year and a perfect day to have your wedding on. Since you can’t get any closer to the beginning of the year than January 1st, agreeing to get married in any year can be a lot closer with a New Years Day wedding.

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