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If you are getting married and having working on your registry or a guest looking to purchase a gift you will want to head to the kitchen department. With kitchen items being a large part of what couples need once married they make wonderful gifts for weddings. There is a huge selection at the store and there are certain must have items. Here are ten wonderful wedding gifts for the kitchen.


There are so many choices when it comes to flatware and most department stores have shelves full of different sets. Most couples choose a set for their registry and add twelve so it is an easy purchase for the guests.

Dinner Ware

Casual dishes for everyday meals are another great wedding gift. It is nice to have all your dishes matching in sets. While some brands come in separate pieces others come in sets of place settings.

Fine China

A traditional wedding gift that brides and grooms register for is their fancy dinner dishes. They can be rimmed in gold or silver and hand painted with flowers or designs. Most come in one place setting.

Salt and Pepper Grinders

A nice set of refillable salt and pepper grinders are a great wedding gift. They come in different sizes and colors so you can choose a set that goes along with the color and style of the kitchen.

Slow Cooker

A large slow cooker is a wonderful gift due to how much can be made with it. There are infinite meals that you can just throw together in the pot and cook all day. Small slow cookers are great for hosting.

Stand Mixer

A brand name stand mixer is a really popular wedding registry item as they are good for many projects. You can use them for mixing cookie dough, whipping cream and grinding meat with the attachment.


For mornings before work and relaxing weekends it is nice to have a coffeemaker around. Some are single serving and others grind or just brew. Whichever is preferred it is nice to have a coffeemaker around.

Spice Rack

A high quality spice rack is one of the most convenient items to have in a kitchen. Having all the seasonings, herbs and spices in one place makes cooking a breeze. When they run out you just refill them.


Quality pots and pans are a very popular registry item as well. It is nice to have a matching set of cookware when putting the kitchen together as a couple. You can choose separate pots, separate pans or a set depending on how much they want to spend.

Don’t Forget Accessories

While it is nice to have all the big items you do not want to forget about the accessories. Things like peelers, graters, spoons, knives and garlic crushers are wonderful gifts. There are large selections of items to choose from so have fun picking them out. No matter what kitchen items you get they are sure to get a lot of use.

2 Responses to Wonderful Wedding Gifts for the Kitchen

  • That is so true about not forgetting the “small” things and accessories. You don’t realize you need them until you are in the middle of cooking. Nice article. Wish I read it before I was married..

  • Wow! such a great idea on wedding gifts. Kitchen accessories are the valuable gift for any newly married couple. This article mention very unique ideas on kitchen gifts.Coffeemaker, stand mixer etc are the very precious kitchen gifts.

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