Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

With wedding planning on the mind of most brides to be, the idea of spring wedding favors is most likely on your check list. There are so many different wedding favors in shops and online that it is hard to figure out which ones to choose. To help determine which favors would be appropriate for your spring wedding here are six favor ideas that are appropriate for the springtime.

Potted Plants

If you have the time and money then an adorable potted plant is a great wedding favor for a spring wedding. You can go to the local nurseries to see what is in season and then buy potting soil to use when planting in the pots. If you want to save a little on the pots your local craft store should have some pretty inexpensive that you can embellish with cute bows or accessories that go on easily with a hot glue gun.


Spring is the perfect time of year to put a few bulbs in a glass bowl in your house to force them to grow early. They are a great favor as well since the more fragrant ones are both beautiful and give the home a nice sweet smell. You could put each bulb in a little colored bag with instructions to show how to grow the bulb and a message about springtime or your growing love for each other.

Flower Seeds

There are different ways to use flower seeds as favors these days since they created the adorable paper cut outs with seeds in them. You could have packets of seeds that you get custom little envelopes made for or you could use the paper with seeds in it and have a message put on them. Again seeds are a great favor for spring as that is the time to start planting your garden and watching as it grows.

Small Vases

With spring flowers and gardening on the mind you can also get small vases as favors that are perfect for putting a few cut flowers in. You could order custom vases with your names and the date of the wedding on them or buy some at your local craft store and add cute accessories with a note attached. It is nice to make your own favors but if you do not have the time there are plenty of cute vases out there to purchase already made.


If you have any fun candy stores in your area then you may be able to find some adorable lollipops shaped like flowers or butterflies. A little bunch of cute flower lollipops is a great springtime wedding favor and tastes yummy as well. To customize the lollipops for favors you can have little tags made that say your names, wedding date and thank you for coming on them.

Sugar Cookies

Most bakeries make those beautifully decorated sugar cookies that taste delicious so why not have them as your favors. You could have a good size cookie in the shape of a heart, flower, bird or butterfly in the colors of your choice as the favor. Then you could add bows and tags to each cookie with a little sweet thank you and spring saying. This would make the favor both sweet and thoughtful for your guests.

Favor Choices

The favors described above are all spring related and can be personalized to your wants and needs. Whether you have them custom made to your wedding colors, engraved with the date or add a special tag to the favors the guests will love the thought. To save money you can always try and make the favors yourself or have a fiend make them for you. Good luck with choosing your favors and hopefully these choices have given you an idea that works for your wedding.

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