Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

One of the small but really important parts of planning your wedding is picking out what type of wedding invitations you want. Whether you like a basic card or have a design in mind that is fancier then it is nice to know what your options are. Here are the different types of invitations you can choose and tips about each of them.

Print Yourself

These print yourself kits are a great way to make your invitations both easy and affordable. With all the parts included you can make some pretty invitations and RSVP cards for a lot less than ordering them. They sell these kits at most large chain stores, stationary stores, party stores and card shops. While they are less expensive they do come out really nice.

Order Online

If you do a little search for wedding invitations on the internet there are quite a few websites that show up for ordering them online. You can spend anywhere from less than a dollar to several dollars per invitation when you order on the internet so shop around. Some places offer discount rates and free shipping depending on the quantity of invitations you order so make sure you look closely.


Whether you have a friend or family member who offers to make handmade invitations for you it is nice to have personal invitations. While you may not be crafty or have the time to make the invitations yourself it is still nice to have handmade invitations. Before you spend a lot of money for a stranger to make the invitations for you, ask your crafty friends or family members if they would not mind helping.


For those of you who scrapbook or think of yourself as crafty it is always nice to make your own invitations. If you take a trip to the local arts and craft stores you can find lots of great magazines or books to get some ideas from. This type of specialty store has hundreds of items you can use to create and embellish your perfect invitations.

Paper Types

When choosing your perfect wedding invitations it is important to look at all the different paper types you like. Whether you want to use handmade paper with dried flower petals and leaves or cardstock that is dyed with beautiful colors there are many different options. If you go to a stationary or craft store you can see all the different types of paper and make your decision.


There are a lot of beautiful invitations that come in layers with writing on one layer and pictures or graphics on the other. This is a great way to customize the invitation and add personal engagement photos or designs that go along with your theme. Also when you have layers there are plenty of cute ways to keep them together like eyelets, ribbon and brads.


Choosing cute embellishments that go along with your theme could be tricky but craft stores and companies that specialize in invitations have lots to choose from. There are bows, buttons, beads, fake jewels, flowers and more. Whether you want something that is simple or fancy there are so many options you are sure to find something that suits your taste.

Keep It Simple

Whether you decide to tackle making the wedding invitations from scratch, use a print kit or pay someone else to do them it is important to keep it simple for yourself. Anything to do with your wedding can become a huge project but as long as you make the choice that is right for your schedule it should be just fine. If you have limited time then do not take on making them yourself as it can be unnecessary stress in your life. The bottom line is to only take on what you can handle and make sure to keep it simple.

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