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If you have not already ordered the wedding cake for your spring wedding then you may want to really start brainstorming what you want. There are so many different types of cake flavors and fillings that different bakeries offer. Set up a taste test where you sample their cakes by eating cupcake versions of the cakes. Once you have decided on the flavors then it is time to decide how you want the cake presented. Here are some ideas you may want to use when ordering your spring wedding cake.

Colored Frosting

While traditional white or ivory frosting is a beautiful look for a wedding cake you can bring out the colors of your spring wedding with a colored cake. Having your cake covered in colored frosting allows for a simple white bead around the edge or a basic white frosting design on the cake.

Live Flowers

If you love the flowers your florist has shown you for the bouquets and centerpieces then why not tie your cake into the bunch. You can have the florist save a handful of blossoms from each type of flower to create a little bunch on each layer of the cake. This is both beautiful and simple for cake decorations.

Fake Flowers

As an alternative to live flowers on your wedding cake you can have beautiful fake flowers from the craft store. They are both realistic and will not wilt on a warm sunny day so there is no worry about when the cake is set out. Take a photo of the sample flower arrangement to the store with you to help choose which fake flowers to buy.

Fondant Flowers

Edible flowers are a great addition to any wedding cake because they are both beautiful and delicious. Fondant is one of the most common types of edible flowers and many bakeries offer them for an additional cost. Talk to your baker about the types of flowers they can make out of fondant to see if they can duplicate some of the colors in your arrangements.


Whether you have a bird themed wedding or just like the idea of spring birds on your wedding cake they are a great decoration. You can have birds stencils outlined on the cake, pictures of birds printed on fondant laid over your cake or bird figurines put on the cake. Any of these ideas will look beautiful on a wedding cake it is just a matter of personal preference.


Just like with the bird ideas you can use butterflies on your wedding cake as a sign of spring and the warm summer weather coming. You can also have fondant flowers with fondant butterflies on them to add more detail to the cake if you want to add an additional dimension.

Shaped Cake

For a more specialized cake you can have the bakery make a three dimensional or layered shape cake as a flower, bird, butterfly or heart. These types of cakes are unique and make a beautiful presentation on the table for guests to enjoy. Discuss whether or not your bakery offers these types of cakes as they take more time which makes them a bit more costly.

Shop Around

Before you make your decision it is important to visit all the bakeries in your area and try samples of their cake assortment. Tasting the cakes and discussing what details they offer will help narrow down your ideas and settle on a cake. Also pricing per person can differ from one bakery to another so make sure you get accurate pricing before signing a cake contract.

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