Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

Table centerpieces are a great way to get creative when planning your wedding reception. You can go with traditional flower arrangements in clear glass vases or you can do something more unique. To help plan for the reception here are some spring wedding centerpiece ideas you can make your own.

Fish Bowl

A fish bowl is a beautiful centerpiece that is full of life and represents springtime in such a unique way. With color coordinated marbles or glass blobs in the bottom you can customize the appearance of the fish bowls on the tables. Also the selection of fish is easy since beta fish and gold fish are the easiest fish to use without a bubbler. Both types of fish come in a variety of colors so you can choose the color to go with the wedding colors.

Candy Flowers

Specialty candy stores and bakeries often offer beautiful candy flowers as gift ideas. As an alternative to having a live flower arrangement you can now order candy flower arrangements that are both beautiful and tasty. Each guest at the table can take one home as a wedding favor as well so they can be both decoration and the favors in one.

Potted Plant

Coordinated pots are a beautiful centerpiece in themselves and adding the fragrance and beauty of live flowers makes them the perfect centerpiece. You can use bulbs or other spring blooming root flowers in the pots along with mulch on top to disguise the soil. Shop around for the perfect color that matches your wedding décor and pots that suit your wedding theme.

Bird Cage

A different but beautiful centerpiece idea is birdcages with beautiful fake birds inside. You can add real flowers around the base of the birdcage if you like the fake bird idea. You also can use the birdcage with no lid as a place to put a vase of flowers. Whichever idea you like more is up to you but overall birdcages are a great spring wedding centerpiece.

Cherry Branches

As an alternative to specialty expensive flower arrangements you can put cherry tree branches with blossoms in the centerpiece vases. Cherry tree blossoms smell wonderful and are inexpensive to acquire if you know someone who has a cherry tree or two in their yard. If you use glass blobs or marbles in the bottom of the vases it will help keep the stems standing upright so the flowers can be positioned nicely in the vases.

Cookie Arrangement

A popular gift idea that would make great centerpieces is cookie arrangements. You can get cookies made in a variety of shapes and colors to go along with your wedding theme. This is a tasty alternative to real flowers and also doubles as the wedding favors for the guests. Your guests will love the beautiful display and delicious goody to take home as a memory from your wedding.

Be Creative

Depending on which idea you liked there is always a way to make it your own. Whether you choose special colors, shapes or different materials there are plenty of options available. Have fun brainstorming and taking the idea to your own level. Creating your wedding centerpieces is suppose to be fun and adding your own creativity helps make that possible.

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