Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

With all the natural weather patterns that have been sweeping over the United States lately we are reminded of how rough nature can be. These types of weather systems can really put a damper on the big day and can cause delay of your wedding ceremony and reception. While it may feel like the end of the world there is nothing anyone can do to stop the weather. To prepare yourself for possible weather delays here are the forecasts that will most likely postpone your wedding.

Torrential Rain

One of the most unpredictable possible outcomes happens when there are torrential rain storms. You cannot predict exactly how much rain will fall or how long the storm will sit over your area so it is just a matter of riding out the storm. These types of weather forecasts have caused havoc on California lately with massive mudslides that have covered roadways and swept away buildings. This is quite possible anywhere in the country in the warm months and in warmer climates during the winter.


In high elevation locations and throughout the northern part of the country during winter months blizzards are very common. With little to no visibility it can be literally impossible to go anywhere during a blizzard. These types of storms keep planes grounded, close major highways and can make you snowed inside the house. If most of your family lives in an area where blizzards are common then you may want to suggest they travel sooner than right before the wedding so they do not miss out.


As one of the most unpredictable outcomes due to their sizes and path through the land, tornados are a real scary weather hazard. They can hit down for a few minutes or hours so there is no telling how much damage will be made or where the damage will be. If you live in tornado alley or another part of the country where they often occur you will want to remain on alert. If your wedding is between the months of April and July then you will want to make sure you have alternate plans if a tornado hits.


While thunderstorms are not a major threat they can be quite unpleasant for an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception. To make sure a thunderstorm does not ruin your wedding you may want to have a tent lined up to keep your wedding party and guests dry for a storm. If a tent is not possible then plan only an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception where you can have your ceremony. The nice thing about thunderstorms is that they usually blow over fast so they will not interrupt the peace very long.


As a more predictable storm the weather people can usually tell where and when a hurricane is going to hit. While Florida and the Gulf Coast take a majority of the hurricane beatings they are also possible along the East Coast. No matter what category the hurricane is they are too rough for a wedding so you will want to have a backup date if you have a summer wedding along the Gulf Coast or East Coast. This will ensure you do not miss out on having the wedding if a hurricane hits.

Be Prepared

While it may seem unlikely that a weather system will affect your wedding it is important to be prepared. If you are having your wedding close to home then you know the possible weather systems that can happen in your area. On the other hand if you have your wedding somewhere else in the country then it is important to be aware of the possible weather systems there. This way you can prepare a backup plan accordingly and discuss with all the people hired for the wedding what a weather related alternative would be.

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