Wedding Planning Tips

weather problems wedding

By: Alexine

With all the natural weather patterns that have been sweeping over the United States lately we are reminded of how rough nature can be. These types of weather systems can really put a damper on the big day and can cause delay of your wedding ceremony and reception. While it may feel like the end of the world there is nothing anyone can do to stop the weather. To prepare yourself for possible weather delays here are the forecasts that will most likely postpone your wedding.

Torrential Rain

One of the most unpredictable possible outcomes happens when there are torrential rain storms. You cannot predict exactly how much rain will fall or how long the storm will sit over your area so it is just a matter of riding out the storm. These types of weather forecasts have caused havoc on California lately with massive mudslides that have covered roadways and swept away buildings. This is quite possible anywhere in the country in the warm months and in warmer climates during the winter.
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