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Every bride wants to capture their wedding in the most beautiful and elegant photos. With winter in most areas around the states there are a lot of bare trees and dead plants for scenery. While it may be cold outside a blanket of snow is a beautiful touch to any background. To make the most out of the landscapes nearby here are some winter wedding photo ideas.


With tall trees and evergreens mixed in the mountains are a beautiful place to take wedding photos. The elevation change gives the photos a beautiful background while focusing on the bride and groom. You will most likely find snow up at higher elevations as well so you can capture the beauty of winter.


With wide open spaces the prairie is a wonderful background for wedding photos due to the feeling of freedom. Winter in the prairie is gorgeous with blue skies and white snow covered rolling landscapes. The tan dead grass and bare trees scattered give character and simplicity to this spacious area.


Along the side of a river can be a very beautiful place to take wedding photos due to the dark and light contrast. With snow covering the land the river looks very dark with little white caps and large rocks along the edge. You can take advantage of this beautiful landscape with poses on the rocks along the river or on a large tree branch hanging over the river.


In the dead of winter when the lakes freeze over there are a lot of beautiful photo opportunities. Standing together in the middle of the lake with snow covered trees all around is a wonderful background. Or you can have the frozen white lake in the background while posing on a bridge or dock.


Local parks are a wonderful place to take wedding photos when you live in a more urban setting. Cities typically design parks to give you a sense of being out in nature which is a wonderful background. This also allows you to take nature photos without traveling too far from your home.


Along the ocean on a beach or bluff in the winter you can capture some beautiful wedding photos. The ocean is typically rougher with white caps in the winter due to higher storm surge. Also when it gets cold enough along the ocean you may even run into snow covered rocks.


The forest is a really beautiful place to take photos during the winter. Some of the trees lose their leaves and others stay green year round. The lighting is also different due to more sunlight reaching the forest floor and snow brightening things up. Walking down a trail with trees all around or posing against an old tree with snow covered branches are great ways to capture the beauty of a winter wedding.


When it comes to taking wedding photos it is fun to be creative with the natural scenery. Nature is the perfect backdrop to photos capturing love and happiness on the big day. Drive around and scout out some beautiful places to take photos before the day of the wedding. This way you can take full advantage of the natural scenery when capturing this special day.

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