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Every bride wants to capture their wedding in the most beautiful and elegant photos. With winter in most areas around the states there are a lot of bare trees and dead plants for scenery. While it may be cold outside a blanket of snow is a beautiful touch to any background. To make the most out of the landscapes nearby here are some winter wedding photo ideas.


With tall trees and evergreens mixed in the mountains are a beautiful place to take wedding photos. The elevation change gives the photos a beautiful background while focusing on the bride and groom. You will most likely find snow up at higher elevations as well so you can capture the beauty of winter.
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By: Alexine

Choosing a wedding photographer can be a confusing decision. You want to make sure you select the right person and end up with the perfect wedding album that will last your lifetime. Because your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience you want to make sure and capture every special moment. With that in mind I’ve come up with some important topics to consider when deciding on a photographer.

The most important of all is defiantly how much experience the photographer has or in other words, how great their portfolio is. To ensure they know what to do and you like the art of their photos, asking to see a portfolio is first on the agenda. Also if you know anyone else that has used this particular photographer then you could ask to see their photos. This would be considered the first round of elimination when it comes to selecting one of the many photographers out there. While making appointments and viewing lots of photos may be time consuming, you will be happy you did so.

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