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holiday wedding planning

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With winter approaching faster than one would like, your big day is drawing near. Planning the details of your winter wedding is getting more important than ever with less than three months to go. With that in mind I have established a list of topics to go over in detail based on the winter or holiday theme to help with planning your wedding.

Set the Date

When thinking about planning a winter wedding there are three whole months to choose from. Whether you want a regular winter day or a holiday wedding on Hanukah, Christmas or New Years, it is important to keep in mind your family and friends. Hopefully if it is a holiday wedding you will be able to celebrate all together as two happy families spending the holidays together. I must say that is the perfect opportunity for a family gathering. The holidays bring people together as is so adding your wedding to the mix would make it extra special and allow more people to show up.

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By: Alexine

With the popular trend of having weddings on a holiday I decided to come up with a list of the holidays that seemed appropriate for the occasion. This way you can differentiate between the dates and themes to see which one suits your vision of the big day.

New Years Day
This is the first holiday of the year and a perfect day to have your wedding on. Since you can’t get any closer to the beginning of the year than January 1st, agreeing to get married in any year can be a lot closer with a New Years Day wedding.

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With so much joy and excitement, the holidays can be the perfect time for weddings. With family and friends gathered near for holiday celebrations, a wedding can add yet another festivity that everyone can enjoy. Bring the magic of the holidays into your special day – from decorations to unique wedding favors – and you’ll see the spirit of the season spread to all who attend.

Christmas Ceremonies & Receptions

There are countless possibilities when it comes to making your wedding a festive event. If you choose a Christmas wedding, bright reds and greens make stunning colors for bridesmaids’ dresses. In place of ribbons and bows, try glistening white lights and garland streamed about the sanctuary.

A Christmas tree in the lobby, reception hall or sanctuary can be adorned with decorations from your childhood. What’s more, set up a tree that represents the beginning of your new life together. Pots of poinsettias from tiny to tremendous can be placed all about bringing in yet more holiday color including red, white, pink and more.

During your reception, serve warm, spiced cider rather than traditional punch. Also consider offering your guests Christmas cookies, sausage balls and other holiday treats. Planning a sit-down dinner? Nothing says Christmas dinner like turkey with all the trimmings.

Hanukkah Decorating & Food Ideas

For Hanukkah weddings, tradition will demand brilliant blue for the attendants’ dresses. White lights with blue ribbons also make striking decorations for the synagogue. Does your family have a menorah that’s been handed down from generation to generation? Using it during the ceremony is a memorable way to honor tradition. If there isn’t a family menorah, purchase a new one and begin your own family tradition.

Doughnuts, latkas and honey puffs (loukoumades) can all be made into individual-sized portions, perfect as hors d’oeuvres. If serving a meal, beef brisket, sweet and sour cabbage soup and other longstanding recipes will represent the holiday well.

New Years Weddings & Receptions

New Years is another option for a holiday wedding. Your wedding party will look fantastic dressed in a sharp contrast of black and white. Even if you don’t become husband and wife at the stroke of midnight, use bells during the wedding to symbolize ringing in the New Year and your new beginning.

The food selection is entirely up to you, as New Years doesn’t have “traditional” type foods. However, Champaign for toasting is certainly a must.

Unique Wedding Favors

The smells and tastes of the holiday season make for some of the most vivid memories, so make sure to include your favorites at the reception. Use candles scented with evergreen, cinnamon or baked goods to add to the holiday theme.

Unique wedding favors might include silver bells that can be used for decoration or personalized Christmas ornaments. There are also candleholders, bookmarks and key rings in the shape of snowflakes that go along with the holiday theme. Other unique wedding favors include personalized packages of coffee and tea that will help warm your guests.

It surely will be a season of celebration when you add your holiday wedding to the list of festivities. With friends and family drawn near, the memories you make will add to the joy of the holidays to come for years and years.