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By: Alexine

With the popular trend of having weddings on a holiday I decided to come up with a list of the holidays that seemed appropriate for the occasion. This way you can differentiate between the dates and themes to see which one suits your vision of the big day.

New Years Day
This is the first holiday of the year and a perfect day to have your wedding on. Since you can’t get any closer to the beginning of the year than January 1st, agreeing to get married in any year can be a lot closer with a New Years Day wedding.

With the new year as your theme anything is possible and of course the year on bubbles, sound makers and hats gives you fun props to work with. Don’t shy away from getting creative with your own dreams for this day as your wedding day since there really isn’t a set vision of symbols. Choose a theme and run with it. The beginning of a new year can be celebrated in whichever way you want.

Valentine’s Day
This is a fairly popular date for weddings as it is the love holiday of the year. I suppose of all the holidays it is the more romantic choice. Coming each year on February 14th you don’t really get to choose the day of the week but this rarely matters when it comes to choosing Valentine’s Day as your date.

Having your wedding on Valentine’s Day can be fun if you run with the lovers theme and use white, pink and red roses and a heart layered cake. Also if you want a traditional wedding this is an appropriate holiday to have as your wedding date. With all the bridesmaids and groomsmen in coordinating dresses and vests you could do red or pink for the traditional look to keep with the holiday theme.

Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday which the Tuesday in February before lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Each year the date differs but the celebration of wild parties keeps this holiday a fun and exciting possible wedding date. The only downfall is that it does not ever fall on a weekend so people would have to take time off work to come to the wedding.

The theme of Mardi Gras is like the last wild night before settling down. As a wedding party you could have lots of beads and do gold dresses for your bridesmaids and gold vests for the groomsmen. Then at the party have lots of champagne and make centerpieces with gold vases and dark red roses. This is one of those holidays that you could really play up for a fun wedding theme.

St. Patrick’s Day
With spring right around the corner and lots of lucky four leaf clovers this March 17th holiday is a fun day to have your wedding on. The leprechauns and pots of gold don’t have to be the focus of your theme, you can always focus on the luck and how that plays into how you became part of each other’s lives.

With green arrangements complimented by white roses you can really make this theme a classy one. The traditional theme works with a St. Patrick’s Day wedding so make it everything you have ever dreamed of just with the extra special luck of the holiday. This is you and your fiancé’s special day so always keep that in mind throughout the planning process.

Earth Day
For those of you who consider yourself to be “green” and Earth friendly, Earth Day is the perfect holiday to plan your wedding on. Coming each year on April 22nd there is the chance of spring already starting by the time you get married. It is always nice to have crocuses and daffodils blooming out in the yard of the hall or church to capture in your photos.

With Earth Day as a theme using recycled materials, reusable dishes, and candle light are great things to keep in mind. Also giving little trees as wedding favors for each person to take home and plant is another way to celebrate accordingly. Use your imagination and make this wedding day as Earth friendly as possible.

Cinco De Mayo
With the meaning of May 5th in Spanish this holiday is quite a wild scene around the world. Historically it was the day that the Mexicans defeated the French and the last time an invading army came to North, South and Central America. This is a great holiday to have your wedding on if you or your fiancé have any Mexican ancestors or feel strongly about the holiday itself.

The Cinco De Mayo celebrations are usually very happy go lucky so this theme is easy to recreate for your wedding. With fun dance music and good food you can have any details you want and still keep the holiday in mind. Have fun with this day as it is another fun holiday for anyone’s wedding.

Independence Day
Coming every year with a bang on July 4th you can’t miss Independence Day in the United States. The red, white and blue theme from the colors of our flag are fun to work with if you choose to have your wedding on this day. There are many beautiful flowers, linens and food items that fit the color combo.

For a fun and exciting wedding party you can light off fireworks if it is legal or book a venue that overlooks the local firework display. This will give your guests a show and make the romantic kiss under the fireworks more memorable than ever before. Also giving your guests sparklers to recognize the bride and groom as they walk into the party or just for fun is always a treat.

In the middle of autumn with all the foliage Halloween is a fun holiday to celebrate your wedding on. Since it comes on October 31st every year and is not a holiday that people get off from work usually, an evening wedding is a great option if you choose this day. That way you can also have jack-o-lanterns with candles and possibly some fun and scary decorations to accompany the day.

For colors you can always put your bridesmaids in black dresses with autumn bouquets and groomsmen in black tuxedos with black vests. Then the white dress and white vest with the tuxedo will stand out for you and your fiancé. On a final note you can always do a costume party for the wedding if you want a less traditional and more exotic wedding. Otherwise, you can just go with traditional wedding and do the details according to the Halloween theme.

Pick Your Holiday
I hope this helps if you were considering having your wedding on a holiday. Of course there are several other holidays but I thought these were the ones a bride and groom would most likely choose. Of course there are many ways you can attempt to use the date as a theme but this information is just a start to get you thinking about the more fine details. Enjoy planning your holiday wedding and good luck with booking the date.

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