Wedding Planning Tips


By: Alexine

With a hopeful future most of us are hanging tight through the current economic situation. It is quite a bummer for those of you who are recently engaged and looking forward to planning a wedding. While some have chosen to push their weddings out a few years to ensure job stability, there are still those of you who want to have your wedding in 2009. With this in mind I’ve come up with a couple of important topics to think about when planning your wedding for 2009.

Wedding Budget
Due to the current global economic situation many people are holding back from spending money and saving as much as possible. This is an important approach if you live paycheck to paycheck or have the possibility of loosing your job. However, if you are fortunate to have an abundance of wealth then you can afford to spend.

Spending helps the economy so if you can afford your wedding this year then go for it. It is really important to keep cash flowing into local businesses and weddings are a great way to do so. With payments going to the caterer, venue, bakery, photographer, wedding dress boutique, tux rental and florists there is plenty of money being spent and distributed.

It is unfortunate that the back lashes of an economic crisis are seen in the local community. On the upside, if your personal budget is pretty tight in 2009 then there is still hope for helping your local community and having a reasonable wedding. With the market so low, businesses are forced to give great deals and this can work to your advantage. Explain your wedding budget and see if each part of the wedding can work within your means and help figure out a plan. They want your business so see what you can do to make the wedding budget work for both yourself and the services.

Guests Budget
Another important topic to think about is who you are inviting to the wedding. While it is great that you have a long list of invitees, there is a larger possibility that people will not be able to make it. Hopefully most of your guests live close and could easily drive to the wedding, but with most of us scattered around the country these days that is highly unlikely.

Due to the fact that everyone has been affected by the financial situation you may run into a small amount of people that RSVP yes on the invitations. Many jobs have been lost and that puts a damper on the ability to travel, let alone purchase a wedding gift. With that in mind perhaps register for reasonably priced items and plan on having a small wedding. It can be just as wonderful to have a small and intimate wedding as any large one. Personally I had a small wedding and it made the whole experience more intimate and special.

Hopeful Future
With the hope that things will get better soon, it still can be difficult determining your wedding budget. Many places are starting to see improvement and this can only be helped by people getting out finding jobs and supporting businesses in their communities. By doing so you will be helping others and yourself which is so important right now.

Be a little more careful about what you choose to spend your money on and only get what you think is truly necessary for the wedding. Then you can keep your chin up and enjoy still being able to marry the one you love this year despite how horrible finances look at the moment.

Hopefully we will be over this financial situation by the end of the year and take away how important other aspects of life are then lots of materials and money.

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