Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

Sometimes the unexpected happens and women become pregnant before their wedding day. This is the reality for many women so don’t worry too much. The best thing to do is focus on getting the wedding planned and taking care of your body. While you won’t be able to drink on your wedding night you can still dance your little heart out and eat really good food. It may seem that pregnancy is a huge obstacle for planning your wedding but think of the beautiful little baby you will have so soon.

Setting the Date
If you have already started planning your wedding when realizing your pregnant than the wedding date is most likely set. As long as you are not scheduled for eight months out you should be just fine. However, if you have not set the date yet then try and make it for no later that six months or about 28 weeks pregnant. This ensures that you will be at least capable of walking down the isle.

With complications there is the possibility of bed rest but that is the worst case scenario in which you may want to have a small ceremony while pregnant and have the reception once the baby is a month old or so. Make sure and talk to your doctor or midwife before setting everything in stone if you do plan on being further along in the pregnancy for the wedding.

Wedding Dress
As time goes on your body will change in many different ways. This makes picking out a wedding dress extremely difficult. Thankfully there are maternity wedding dresses available out there that cater to growing bellies and busts.

To be on the safe side I would try and get a dress that is stretchy and adjustable. This may seem crazy if you are just the beginning but trust me you change is unexpected ways. Also try and push ordering the dress until the last possible month as it is difficult to predict sizes and shapes and you don’t want to end up with a dress that doesn’t fit.

Accessorize Accordingly
It is important to think about your accessories that go along with the dress ahead of time. For example, heels seem fine in the beginning of the pregnancy, but become quite uncomfortable towards the middle. To be on the safe side wear flats at your wedding or even flip flops if the weather is beautiful, as they allow your feet to swell and contract freely.

Other than shoes, make sure your other accessories will accommodate a growing body. Order your wedding band a size larger for swelling fingers and keep jewelry to a minimum. Earrings and a necklace are elegant and simple.

You don’t need to over do the makeup either as there is not so friendly ingredients in many products. Try and go for natural or organic ingredients in your lotion, foundation, eye shadow, mascara and bronzer. I personally wear organic makeup so I know it is reasonably priced and available and most retail stores.

Throughout your whole pregnancy hormone levels are changing causing many women to have racing emotions. Little accidents or mishaps seem like the end of the world and planning everything for the wedding can seem like way too much.

To help rest your mind and emotions it is best to designate a close friend or family member to help you with planning the wedding. You can also hire a wedding planner if it is in your budget. This will ensure that you have someone to take the pressure off your shoulders and do the fifty phone calls to price out all the caterers, florists, venues and photographers.

Healthy Food
The fun part of being pregnant is how much healthier you can have the food served at your wedding. It is a great excuse to have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables lying around and entrées that are low in fat and high in nutrients.

However, you have to think about things like tomatoes which are very acidic and create acid reflux and food aversions. While you may have loved prime rib before you got pregnant, you may not like the smell or taste of it throughout your pregnancy. Make sure you test the food close to the wedding date to ensure you will not be disgusted by the meal due to the smell or taste. This will save you a lot of hassle.

Enjoy Being Pregnant
While a surprise pregnancy can be unpleasant while trying to plan your wedding, think of the wonderful baby you will soon be having. Pregnancy is such a special experience and for the woman there are many wonderful things you can experience throughout all forty weeks.

Take time to enjoy being pregnant and designate helpers if you are feeling overwhelmed planning the wedding. It’s ok if you don’t feel up for a large wedding and want to keep it to real close family and friends. The point is that you are vowing to love and spend the rest of your life with the man of your dreams. Remember to focus on your love for one another and the beautiful baby you will soon be having together. It goes by so fast so enjoy every day and plan at your own pace.

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