Wedding Planning Tips


By: Alexine

Finding ways to keeps the kids at your wedding entertained can be quite a challenge. Let’s face it, most families have at least a few little or big kids that will be attending the wedding. In order to keep your sanity about planning the wedding, I’ve developed some ideas that will help you accommodate the young ones and keep them entertained.

One of the most fun parts about having kids aged 12 and under at the wedding is that you can play fun music like the YMCA and chicken dance. While it may seem a bit nutty, trust me on this one. The guests will have a blast dancing along and the kids will surely entertain their audience. Fun music helps entertain the kids and keeps parents available to catch up and socialize. It will be so much fun that you too will want to join in and dance along.

There are lots of games that you or other adults can play with kids at the wedding. Having a game table or encouraging the kids to play hide and seek is sure to keep them entertained. If you decide to have a game table, ask the parents to bring one or two of their child’s favorite games to the wedding. This will ensure there are a variety of games for the children to play. If your feeling extra crafty, make a “pin the train on the bride” game and wedding bingo with things you see at a wedding as the places on the bingo boards.

Having an art table or drawing table is a great way to keep kids entertained. You could put a stack of drawing paper and a bunch of drawing supplies and let them go. It is amazing what their imaginations enable kids to draw. I recommend supplying non-toxic washable crayons and colored pencils. They are great because if the kids get any marks on their nice wedding outfits it will come out in the wash or at the drycleaners.

Fun Drinks
When it comes to dining and drinking, you can’t beat lemon lime or cola soda with grenadine. Planning ahead so your bartender has a list of great alcohol-free drinks is defiantly the way to go. Some of the drinks you may want to include are chocolate and strawberry milk, strawberry-banana smoothies, chocolate or vanilla milkshakes and fruit punch.

Finger Food
When it comes to kids, nothing beats yummy finger food. This is the best way to keep it simple and allow the kids to serve themselves and get more when needed. As we know, kids like to graze and ask for food a lot so having a finger food table for them would solve the parent’s dilemma of getting up every ten minutes and allow for some peace. Kids like to be independent anyhow so it is the perfect opportunity to put that to work.

Kids Table
Having the kids sit together is a great option at the wedding. This allows the grownups to enjoy adult conversation while the little ones chat up a storm about the latest toys and what food or drink they like. Also this helps if they are eating from a separate food table then the adults because you can put the kid table next to it. With the exception of babies, the bigger kids can watch over the little ones so it can truly be a kid table.

Happy Kids
Hopefully you have become inspired for these ideas to make your wedding kid friendly. It is really fun to get everyone together at weddings, especially the children. Getting out of the house to celebrate your wedding is lots of fun for the kids. With fun dance music, activities and food you are sure to impress all the young ones at your wedding. Have fun planning your wedding and don’t forget to be creative.

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