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By: Alexine

A fabulous tip that I wish I would have know when planning my wedding is that prom dresses make great bridesmaid dresses. This is especially wonderful for those of you that have younger ladies in the wedding and want to keep up with hip styles. The dresses come in an array of colors and styles so you are sure to find one or two that keep the wedding party looking amazing. With that in mind, here are some ideas on how to have prom dresses as bridesmaid dresses.

Each year designers come out with flirty and fun designs for prom dresses. This is a great way to choose a hip look for your bridesmaids and mix things up a little from the typical bridesmaid dresses that they will never wear after the wedding.

In 2009 there are several hip trends including crumb catcher necklines, short and mermaid style dresses. These styles are great ways to have your bridesmaids looking their best on your wedding day. Not to mention they would have a fabulous dress to wear for another occasion in the future.

These days the colors of your bridesmaid dresses are a big deal and vibrant colors are in with the prom dresses this year. They use to recommend that all the bridesmaids wore the same color dress and sometimes the maid of honor wore a different color but usually they all matched.

As we all want to be in with the new trends, matching colors is a total no-no. Now you want to mix things up and at most have two ladies in the same color or have two alternating colors with different styles. This keeps the wedding party unique and allows you to play more with the theme of the wedding.

When planning your wedding, the details are so much fun because this is how your wedding differs from any other. Once you have decided on two, three or four colors for the bridesmaid dresses and developed a general style you want then it is time to choose the dresses.

Each style has a bunch of options when you look through prom dresses. Some have rhinestones, side cutouts or tulle netting. It’s fun to pick and choose what materials you like and then find dresses based on your unique taste.

Matching the dresses with fun colored flowers, shoes and jewelry make the planning process so much fun. Dye-able shoes are not in anymore so pick out some dazzling heels or flats that go with the dresses and give the bridesmaid a fun pair of shoes to wear in the future.

Why you might be thinking about where the economy plays in, today this is a reality for wedding planning. By choosing fun dresses and accessories for your bridesmaids, they are able to wear them in the future to other events or accessorize another outfit. Many bridesmaid dresses can be pricey, but there are many cute prom dresses that are reasonably priced and fit wedding themes perfectly.

Have fun shopping for bridesmaid dresses and accessories, and remember to mix it up to keep things fun. This makes the experience wonderful for both yourself and the bridesmaids. Prom dresses are a great alternative to the traditional bland bridesmaid dresses out there. So make sure you keep this in mind when picking the dresses out for your wedding.

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  • Bridal shops can be a great source for unique prom dresses. Many bridesmaid dresses are quite beautiful and make perfectly elegant prom dresses. so it’s always a good idea to ask.

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