Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

As most brides are aware of the term bridezilla, few realize their actions that give them the name. With all the stress of preparing the details for the big event it is difficult to realize their actions. When the image of a crazy and mean bride that nobody wants anything to do with comes to mind it can be a bit scary. In order to avoid becoming a bridezilla, I have come up with indicators to recognize when a bride is crossing into the dark side.

Too Demanding
As the bride should be needy and cared for on her wedding day; there is a point where demanding too much is overboard. Telling people what to do and asking them to do a favor nicely can be the difference between bridezilla and nice bride.

Being very appreciative is one of the most important actions for the bride. For every favor that is done a “thank you” should always follow. This ensures that the infamous bridezilla does not show.

Tone of Voice
It’s not only what is said but the way it is said that counts. Most people forget about their tone of voice, but this is the first thing people hear when they are spoken to. Not only is it necessary to think before you speak in terms of what words are chosen but also the tone used for the pronunciation of the words.

The key to not having a bridezilla tone is talking in a sweet and subtle voice. It is important for the bride to keep a positive tone even when things are not going just as planned. This will keep others responding well throughout the whole ordeal.

Facial Expressions
Last but certainly not least is the way you look at people and express the way you feel. As the center of attention, brides have to be very careful about the expressions on their faces. Even when under stress there has to be control over the way one looks at others and presents themselves.

As a form of communication, the expressions on the face tells more that you can imagine. An angry smirk or eye roll can set off people watching the bride and feel as though she is acting like bridezilla. Do not let anger show in the face because it affects everyone that sees it.

Positive Outlook
To avoid becoming bridezilla one must have a positive outlook. With doom and disappointment larking around the corner at almost every wedding it should always be expected. Like they always say; “plan for the worst” and “hope for the best.” These are words of wisdom for every bride and will help prevent the infamous bridezilla from ever showing her face.

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