Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

With all the television shows these days turning the spotlight on full figured beautiful women, I decided to explore some important tips for the bride to be. There are many opportunities to have the most amazing wedding you have ever dreamed up. And, as a voluptuous woman you are ready to make a statement on your wedding day. So what are we waiting for, let’s get started.

More to Love
As a common statement used to describe undesirable love handles and extra stuff where we don’t want it on our bodies, the idea of more to love can be very positive. The negative aspect is far from true and many men out there really enjoy the type of woman that will eat a nice steak and potato dinner with them. So with that in mind the idea of “more to love” is a sexy thing and should be used to your advantage.

The full figure comes into play with choosing a wedding dress and some sexy high heels. If you have a nice size bust then you can accentuate that as well without looking inappropriate. You want your grandparents at this wedding don’t you? So make sure you keep things PG as far as cleavage goes but the corset like strapless dresses with a lace up back are just what you are looking for. Then if you want a full or mermaid style skirt can be decided when you start trying the dresses on.

The accessories are equally important and should be given just as much time as the dress. The shoes are the first thing in line. Make sure you find a really sexy pair of strappy silver or white heels. They don’t have to be so high that you cannot walk in them. Just make sure they fit well and are somewhat comfortable. Then after the shoes you can find a nice pair of pearl earrings and a pearl necklace to get that classy but sexy bride look.

Confidence and Attitude
These are two very important character attributes when it comes to the way people look at you and more importantly, how you look at yourself. If you don’t already have confidence and a positive attitude about your body and who you are as a person then you will want to really focus on this. Being comfortable with who you are, is the first step to happiness in my book. Not every woman can drop those last ten pounds before their wedding or get super model anorexic in the year after the proposal and before the wedding. So please delete that idea all together and start over by loving yourself.

With six months to a year before the wedding, you do not have lots of time. Stressing out about your image is a huge “no no”. So instead of focusing on unattainable goals, stick to goals you are fully capable of like finding a great dress, getting a nice tan if you aren’t naturally blessed with one and choosing a hair style that makes your face look beautiful. That way you can use natural looking makeup that makes your eyes pop and your smile shine. You don’t have to wear a pound of foundation and tons of eye shadow to look beautiful. Natural beauty is the most beautiful of all.

Laugh and Love
With a wedding in the planning you should always remember to enjoy every day and cherish each moment you have together. Focus on laughing with your fiancé and making fun out of everything in life. This will ensure that your love grows each and every day for the rest of your lives together. It isn’t what you have in life but those you have in your life that make it special. Remember that when you are planning your wedding because things are not always what you expect and that gets frustrating. Just brush it off and enjoy the wedding because it is one day you will not ever get again. Always remember to live, laugh and love as it will bring happiness in your marriage.

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  • Wonderful article. I was a size 16 bride — wore a “recycled” wedding gown and had a “green” wedding in 1996 when “green” wasn’t even a word yet. Despite a few minor glitches, our day was everything we hoped it would be…and we’re still here 15 years and 2 beautiful children later.

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