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autumn wedding
By: Alexine

With your wedding date just around the corner there are many last minute details to think about. Sometimes your wedding planner will go over them with you but with the way the economy is these days most women have taken it upon themselves to plan their own weddings. Good for you if your schedule permits planning the wedding as it can be a lot of fun. With that said, here are some specifics to think over before the big day.


There are many beautiful autumn flowers available to choose from. While your typical roses are beautiful, an arrangement of seasonal flowers is sure to set the mood. Consider talking to your florist about some of the seasonal flowers listed below.

• Mums
• Blanket Flowers
• Rudbeckia
• Sunflowers
• Dahlias
• Ranunculus
• Physalis
• Ornamental Cabbage

Also here are some flowers that are available all year round and come in a variety of colors to fit any seasonal wedding.

• Roses
• Anthuriums
• Orchids
• Tropical flowers
• Lilies
• Gerber Daisies


Talk to your photographer about the types of shots you would like taken at the ceremony, reception and in your session of formal shots. This would be the best time of year to take advantage of the beautiful foliage and along with focusing on the people, have your photographer take shots that pull back a little to capture the contrast of color and your black and white attire. Also the black and white photos look great with sunlight beaming through foliage as it will add a dreamy glow to the romance.

Consider making an appointment with your photographer to visit the sites of your ceremony and reception. This will allow you to talk over what they see in the background so you can put together a game plan for the big day. While this may seem overboard, getting a feel for the photographer’s artistic eye and adding your requests in is really important. Then you will hopefully end up with exactly what you want.

Food Choice

If you are into eating locally grown food or would like to incorporate seasonal foods into your menu at the wedding there are many autumn foods to choose from. Whether it is a side dish or an appetizer there is always room for variety and color in the presentation of food and beverages at your wedding. With wine coming in shades of red already there is little to think about with the choice of color. However if you would like to incorporate autumn foods into the wedding here is a list of some of the most popular ones:

• Parsnips
• Turnips
• Sweet Potatoes
• Pumpkins
• Winter Squash
• Clementines
• Apples
• Pears
• Cranberries
• Figs

If you take notes on these foods it is pretty amazing to see the colors they add to a food dish or desert. The more earthy tones are very apparent and go well with any autumn theme. Call your caterer to discuss ways they can incorporate some of these foods into your wedding.

The Countdown

With autumn just beginning your time is running out. It is important to take care of these details as soon as you can so that your caterer, florist and photographer understand your expectations. It is really nice to include seasonal taste to your wedding day so make sure and think each part of your wedding through to make sure it is planned the way you want it. Try not to stress out and enjoy the last bit of selecting as your wedding will come and go so fast.

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