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sick woman
By: Alexine

With cold season in the beginning stages there are many more opportunities to catch something this year. As horrible as it may sound, there is a possibility of you waking up with a cold on or around your wedding day this winter. Since the day must go on, I’ve put together some ways to help you get through your wedding day in one piece. Read on to explore five cold remedies that could save your wedding day.

Hot Bath or Shower

The first thing to do when you wake up with a cold is slip into a hot bath or shower. The process of heating up your body helps with loosening up any congestion and relaxing your muscles. To help boost the effectiveness of the hot bath or shower you should use some bath salts with menthol in them or rub a menthol salve on your chest and under your nose.

Drink Liquids

Make sure you drink plenty of liquids. The key to drinking plenty of liquids is that it helps flush the bad stuff out of your system. A great choice is cranberry juice because it is an amazing boost for the antioxidant content. Also if you can find blueberry or pomegranate juice plain or combined with cranberry juice grab that as well. Make sure you buy 100% juice with no sugar added as the sugar helps the cold thrive.

Hot Soup

A great pick me up when you are sick is a nice bowl of hot soup. Chicken noodle is a popular soup when you have a cold but anything with a nice broth is great for your throat and stomach. Although soup is not a breakfast food you may want to change that for a day and eat it in the morning and right before your wedding. This will help soothe your throat by coating it for a temporary relief and also the hot soup warms you from the inside which is a great feeling. Try Pho with some chili sauce or Hot and Sour soup to help with clearing things up for a bit.

Neti Pot

The Neti pot is a nasal irrigation device that has been around for a very long time because of how wonderful it works. When used in combination with saline solution it is the perfect way to flush out your nasal passages. This helps with sinus pressure and pain from a cold and thins your mucus much faster than nasal sprays and medication when you need immediate results.

Rest and Relax

While this may be the most difficult thing to do on your wedding day resting it is one of the most important tasks to accomplish. With resting you must relax because stressing out will only elevate your cold. Call your maid of honor or bridesmaids to come and tend to you until the wedding so you are able to relax. Then you can have them run your errands and take you to your hair appointment or any other place you need to go.

Think Positive

While getting a cold on or around your wedding is one of those worst nightmare thoughts prior to your big day, it is a possibility. Don’t focus on how horrible it is but work on doing everything to feel and look your best. Give these five things a try and add your own personal touch if you have something that works for you. Make sure you keep trying and don’t give up. Good luck with your wedding and I hope you feel better soon.

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