Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

One of the biggest worries about planning a wedding reception is making sure your guests enjoy themselves. The last thing you need is a bunch of family and friends complaining about how they didn’t have a good time at your wedding. To ensure the guests have a night to remember you will want to hire great entertainment. Here are some great ideas to make your wedding reception very entertaining.

Cover Band

All over the world you can find great cover bands that play a variety of music genres. It is quite common for bands to write some of their own music and mix it in with songs from other artists. The great thing about hiring one of these bands is that they can take live requests at your wedding and keep your guests very entertained.

There is a lot more flexibility with cover bands and if you like a list of songs to be played the band can usually make that happen too. A cover band is defiantly a great choice for a fun night of dancing.


The idea of laughing so hard you almost wet your pants is something you won’t ever forget. Depending on your audience there is a lot of different humor that can be used these days. Daily life, adult happenings and children’s jokes are all great entertainment and the content can be adjusted if you have little ears listening in.

On the other hand if you have an adult only wedding then having a night full of adult entertainment is sure to be the highlight of the evening. Just make sure grandma has the sense of humor that goes along with the jokes or you might have some explaining to do.


Lights, illusions and excitement are all part of a great magic act and there are plenty of great magicians out there looking for a gig. Depending on where you live you might be able to hire a really extravagant show that has a lot more components to it. However the basic magic shows are great for the kids and are still funny to the adults.

Some magicians have several acts including hypnosis and juggling which are great extras for the evening. Talk over the acts with the different people before making your decision as you might get more extras if the person has the experience.

Dance Show

There are so many different types of dance shows that are sure to keep your guests entertained throughout the entire reception including ethnic dance and theatrical styles. Whether you like dance with or without singing there is always great music that comes with either show.

Talk with a representative at the town theatre or community center to see if they have any recommendations of local groups that perform. On the other hand there are always event coordinators that have a directory of all the available groups that are for hire in the area. Either way there is sure to be a dance show available for your wedding reception that will entertain the entire crowd.

Mini Orchestra

For those of you that have a passion for classical music on live musical instruments a mini orchestra is defiantly the way to go. The atmosphere is sure to be relaxing and enjoyable with violins and cellos playing. This type of music is wonderful for an evening wedding with a sit down formal dinner.

To find a local orchestra you can speak with the college or conservatory in your area or the area of your wedding. This helps support the local arts and you get beautiful music at your wedding. Any guest is sure to enjoy the musical masterpieces that were composed so long ago.

It’s Your Decision

There are plenty of entertaining acts out there that are sure to be great for your wedding reception. These are just a handful of the most common things you see at wedding receptions. Enjoy looking around to find your perfect entertainment as it is fun getting to preview the acts available. Good luck with the journey and hopefully you can find the entertainment you want.

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