Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

When it comes to being pregnant there are several occasion that can be not so fun to plan for. One of those of course is attending a wedding. Whether you feel heavy, unattractive, tired, nauseous or any combination of the four it is not very fun go to a wedding. Despite how you feel it is important to be there for those who mean something in our lives. Here are some tips to help make attending a wedding pregnant more of a pleasant experience.


Finding a dress that doesn’t make you feel heavy and unattractive is first in line and there are many places to shop. Stores like Old Navy, Motherhood and Walmart have great online maternity sections that are sure to help get you inspired. If you are willing to spend a little more money you can find cute maternity dresses at Pea in a Pod and Gap.


Once you have a dress picked out it is time to find the right cute bra to wear underneath. This is a great opportunity to get something sexy in a little bigger size to impress your significant other as well. Try to find a fun lacey or frilly bra that works under your dress and seconds as something to make you feel sexy even though you are putting on the pounds.


A great pair of maternity pantyhose can work miracles when you are not feeling very slender. The belly panel in them helps round out the chubbiness you might be experiencing. This is a great helper when you are feeling fat and not pregnant to help make you look more pregnant. It is a nice feeling to have everything held in place and not giggling around.


Choosing a pair of shoes to wear while you are pregnant can be a little trickier than usual. Your feet may be swollen from water retention or getting a little longer due to lose ligaments. While neither sounds very attractive you can still pull off a cute pair of wedge heels or some adorable ballet flats. Just make sure you choose a pair of shoes that hold onto your feet very well so you do not have an accident.


This might be a good opportunity to print the page of foods to avoid while you are pregnant off the internet and stick it in your purse. Weddings have a tendency to have appetizers and entrées on the do not eat list. Make sure you avoid things like raw fish, undercooked or prepackaged meat and soft cheeses. Those are three big red flag foods when you are pregnant.


There is sure to be quite a bit of alcohol at a wedding and as everyone should know it is not safe to consume alcohol while you are pregnant. While that may be a disappointment for being pregnant at the wedding you can still have fun enjoying virgin mixed drinks. There are plenty of tasty blended mixed drinks where you will not miss the alcohol. Some of them include pina cooladas and strawberry daiquiris.

Enjoy Yourself

Being pregnant can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to enjoying these types of events but it does not mean you cannot take part. Go out and get your hair and makeup done the day of the wedding to ensure you feel like a total beauty. These types of pampering activities will not last much longer once you have the baby so enjoy them and go out and have fun at the wedding.

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