Wedding Planning Tips

after wedding advice

couple talking and walking
By: Alexine

After your wedding and honeymoon are over the reality of a huge life change sets in. As a result many decisions have to be made. Both you and your spouse will have to discuss your feelings on important matters to help the transition go smoothly. In order to help prepare for these discussions I have come up with ten very important topics you will want to cover after the wedding.

Moving In

While this is not the case for some couples who moved in together while they were dating, there are still many couples that choose to wait until after the wedding. Overall moving in together can be a very exciting thing to think about and prepare for but it can be a very stressful transition. Every person has their particulars when it comes to their daily schedules and how they live on their own. Be patient with each other in the beginning as it takes time to adjust to the other person’s ways.
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