Wedding Planning Tips

donate wedding dress

By: Alexine

The day after your wedding or even the night of the wedding, your poor wedding dress is retired. You can either zip it back up in the bag you took it home in or preserve it in a pretty box to prevent discoloring. Wouldn’t you like a more exciting and unusual ending to the life of your wedding dress? Here are a couple of ways you can ensure a second use for your wedding dress before it is “officially” retired.

Create a Costume
Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico and Halloween in the United States are two great holidays where your dress can be worn again. Skeleton brides and grooms and other costumes are all over the city of Oaxaca on the evening of November 1st. There are bands playing and people dancing. Day of the Dead is a wonderful celebration where the people of Oaxaca honor those who have come before them and are deceased.

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