Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

Ok so you have the bridesmaids and groomsmen picked out or pretty much finalized. Now comes a difficult decision; choosing your flower girl(s) and ring bearer. While you may have a couple of little ones in mind from you or your fiancé‘s family, take a few moments to read over this before making your decision.

When it comes to their age remember “age does matter”. I mean there is a big difference between two and ten years old. Please don’t be victim to the screaming two year old that won’t walk down the isle or the three year old that won’t put his tie on. I mean this is extreme but true and many wedding ceremony stressful situations deal with little children.

Instead of really young children you might want to stick to five to twelve years old. Personally I had an eight year old and eleven year old. It worked out great and there were no problems. So if you stick to school age children there is a bit more control over behavioral issues. Then you can avoid most minor problems like “accidents” and temper tantrums.

My second big tip is making sure you or your fiancé really know these children in the wedding. This way you know how they respond and behave around you and others. If you know a child is shy then they are probably not a good choice. However, if the child is in drama and use to being on stage they would have no shy factor. In this case you would have a perfect fit. Just use your best discretion when making the decision about the child’s personality and fitting the part in your wedding.

A final important factor to consider is who to choose from each family. If you were choosing between two sisters to be flower girls or two girls from different families, you may want to choose the sisters. This way they stick together and have confidence in each other instead of being all nervous. I mean if they have their sister, they might be less apt to ditch out last minute or cry because they are scared. This is also important because you don’t want one sister to feel left out.

With these tips in mind hopefully choosing your flower girl(s) and ring bearer is a little easier. Of course it is not easy as pie but with a little advice the decision can be a little less stressful. Don’t just ask anyone, really think your decision through; you will be thankful at the wedding!

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