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By: Alexine

Bridesmaids’ gifts are one task on the wedding list that take a bit more thought than picking out the dresses, shoes and hairdos. Most typical gifts like jewelry can really rob your wallet, especially when you have a party of six to eight. The best way to save money and give a wonderful gift is to get crafty.

Here are eight great ideas for bridesmaids’ gifts that you just might consider.

1. Earrings:
If you go to a craft store and pick up some hoops or wire and coordinating beads, you can easily throw together some fun earrings. At craft stores or bead stores there are usually books on how to make jewelry which are really easy to follow. Just make sure you have the right types of earrings incase one of your bridesmaids needs clip on instead of posts.

2. Necklace:
Necklaces are simple because you can typically find strands of beads at the craft or bead store and easily thread a needle with the tough silk string to make a beautiful necklace. The thread at the bead store typically will come pre-threaded with a wire needle to make it easier on you. Just make sure you grab the clasp to knot onto each end in order to be able to put the necklace on and off.

3. Bracelet:Bracelets are a great accessory for the bridesmaid dress and are pretty simple to make. You can use wire and a clasp or elastic string which is easier and makes the bracelet convenient to put on. I especially like this kind of bracelet because I can put it on my writing hand without struggling.

4. Photo Frame:
Decorating a cute photo frame with a picture of you and the bridesmaid hanging out at an earlier date would be great. You can typically find plain wood frames as craft stores or plain colored ones at department stores. Then you can paint pretty flowers or designs on them and write something like “friends forever” or “beautiful bridesmaid” and the date of your wedding.

5. Jewelry Box:
Painting or making a collage on a jewelry box is another fun project that doesn’t cost much. Most craft store or stores that sell wooden items have a box or a premade jewelry box ready for decorating. If you get a normal wooden box you just need a piece of velvet for the inside and paint or paper scraps and pictures for the outside. Once painted or collaged you can write their name and the date of the wedding on it in a pretty silver or gold paint pen. Personalizing adds the special “just for you” touch to the gift.

6. Scrap Book Page:
If you and your bridesmaids love to scrap book, why not take advantage of your talent and make each one a page? This is not that expensive and very thoughtful. Go to the paper store and pick up some fun and flirty paper and accessories, print some pictures and get to work. It won’t take too long but will be greatly appreciated.

7. Fleece Blanket:
Ever wonder why so many people have those fun fleece blankets with the bows all the way around? That’s because they are fun and easy gifts to make and don’t cost much! All you need is two pieces of fleece and a pair of scissors. When selecting your fleece you can pick two solid colors, two prints or one of each. The most common way is to have a printed side and a solid side.
First you lay the two pieces of fleece on top of each other and line up the corners. Then you cut one inch strips around the whole edge of the fleece pieces. Then you tie the two strips from the fleece on top to the fleece on the bottom. Once you finish tying all the strips together, you’re done! Ta da! Now you have a beautiful fleece blanket.

8. Wedding Candle:
If you go online to a wedding favor website like you can order custom wedding candles. These are a great gift accompanied by a small hurricane candle holder. They don’t cost much and will keep the memory of your wedding in the bridesmaid’s heart for days after the wedding. This is a great favor for those of you that don’t have much time but want something sweet.

I hope these ideas help with the planning of your wedding and give you one less thing to worry about. When it comes to giving gifts to your lady friends or sisters in the wedding, if you know them well then it’s a little easier but any of these ideas can be appreciated by anyone. The only thing might do is include a scrapbook with the page or frame it if you pick that gift. Otherwise you should be set with any of the other ideas.

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  • I was just a bridesmaid and my friend gave us all pearl earrings to wear during the wedding as a bridesmaid gift. She got them from and they were absolutely stunning. Not only did we all look great but i will definitely be wearing them again and again and again!

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