Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

One of the most fun parts of planning your wedding is the honeymoon. This is the time when you and your new spouse get to go away somewhere beautiful and celebrate each other. There are no distractions or interruptions and you have full attention on one another. With that in mind you want to choose a place that fits both of your interests. This can be difficult if you are two lives becoming one. However, with a little help you just might find the right place to honeymoon.

For those of you who love the outdoors there are many different options. You can go camping, hiking, biking, fishing, boating, climbing, diving, snorkeling or even skiing. Most of all you can pretty much do one of these activities anywhere in the world.
If your honeymoon budget is large then you can go to Brazil or Australia or if your budget is small you can drive to a state near by with a beautiful National Park. There are plenty of parks all over the United States that you can do most of the outdoor activities listed above.

Love of History
If you and your fiancé are fascinated by historical events and artifacts, traveling to an old city or country would suit your interests. Places like Venice, Italy or Athens, Greece are great in Europe and Plymouth, Massachusetts or Tulum, Mexico are closer and less expensive to travel to within the North American continent.
To make the honeymoon fun on a small budget try and find an old city or town within driving distance that you could visit and spend a few days in looking at museums and taking tours of the old buildings and monuments.
On the other hand, if you have a large budget, choose a place far away that you have both wanted to travel to and make an adventure out of finding historical places. While it may sound silly, making a game out of the historical places keeps the honeymoon fun and exciting.

Beach Bums
For those of you who love the beach and can’t get enough of it there are plenty of places for you. The activities can be anything from lying out and relaxing on the beach to jet skiing and surfing. Of course if you love to scuba dive then finding a gorgeous coral reef in some tropical waters would be at the top of the list.
If you have a tight budget, then try getting to the coast. There are plenty of gorgeous beaches along the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the country and if you really need to cut back then you can camp on the beach as well. With the cost of airfare these days it can get pretty pricy to fly anywhere so driving is your best bet.
For those of you who don’t have to worry about budgeting, try finding a country south of the equator on the coast. There are plenty of gorgeous white sand beaches in South America and Africa and either way you can’t go wrong because there are plenty of amenities in most coastal places. Most people thrive along the coast lines so traveling to places like South Africa would be very nice indeed.

For those of you who live very stressed out lives and are looking for a honeymoon to relax and unwind, your best bet is to create your own retreat. There are places around the United States that offer an all inclusive relaxing experience with activities like yoga and meditation. These types of exercises are a way to unwind and really come to the point where you feel connected with your new spouse.
Putting the daily grind behind you for a week or so can be quite the challenge for those who work constantly so relaxing activities can really help pull your mind away from it all. This is key to a honeymoon where this is the first time the two of you have spent days on end with one-another. All the stress of the wedding and work needs to be dealt with so the two of you can focus on each other.
Why yoga and meditation may not seem interesting to some, there are always all inclusive resorts that you can go and stay in down in Mexico or in the states. This is an alternative if you would rather just get away and do everything yourselves. In this case you may want to order a couples massage to your room or sit in the hot tub under the stars. Either way, time together to relax is necessary for those of you who are overworked.

Hopefully those four categories covered almost everyone who is seeking out a honeymoon or gave you an idea of where to start. It can be very difficult to put your finger on an exact place in the world the two of you should go, but the activities you would like to do usually lead to a destination. Also when you have a small budget then choosing a place you can get to and fulfill your interests at little cost can be a bit more difficult. Don’t let this get in your way because there are plenty of beautiful places real close to home that you could go to. All that matters is that the two of you are able to spend quality time together as husband wife and focus on each other. Once you go back home there will be packing and moving along with work, so enjoy every moment!

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