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By: Alexine

The latest trend after the wedding these days is quite an eye opener. Women wear their wedding dresses for a second time where it doesn’t matter how much dirt or grime gets on it. Trashing your wedding dress is a fun way to express yourself and get another photo shoot out of that expensive one-time-use gown. If you’re getting married or already married this might be the right activity for you!

For many brides the idea of trashing their expensive and gorgeous gown is out of the question. They want to preserve it after the wedding and keep it like brand new. The funny thing is all you’re doing is storing it away which is a sad reality for those beautiful pieces of art.

Why don’t you try something new and different?

Women all over are dressing up in their gowns and taking photo shoots at the beach, playground, skate parks and dirt pits. I mean how much fun it would be to run around in your wedding dress with sand and salt water all over you as the photographer takes pictures of the beautiful woman that you are. I mean we’re only young once.

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the young beauty that you are. Find some fun places around where you live and set up the date with a photographer. You can even ask a friend or two to do it if your budget is limited. No matter how much money you have, the idea is still fun and gives you another appreciation for that beloved wedding dress.

Don’t shy away from trashing your dress if you got married years ago. I mean if it still fits you should defiantly try and make it happen. This will give you another opportunity to wear that most beautiful dress and feel like a goddess for one more day. Parading around town in your wedding gown is quite a fun experience and makes the whole photo shoot worth while.

If you manage not to trash the dress too much there is still the possibility of restoring it and preserving the dress as new. While this is pretty costly, it does prevent the dress from turning yellow over time. I would defiantly preserve your dress if you have a special girl in mind that you want to save it for.

If you have decided to “Trash Your Wedding Dress” then get a head start by researching the kind of trashing you want to do. If you and your husband are more outdoorsy then go on a hike with it in beautiful scenery. On the other hand if you are more like a kid than going to a playground and goofing off on the slides and swings would be a great representation of your youth. Choosing what best represent “you” is very important. Have fun with the idea and try it out!

One Response to Trash Your Wedding Dress

  • Alexine:
    I think it is a great idea. It can be sensual, sentimental and even erotic. To take these beautiful dresses and embalm them to lanquish forever in a closet just seems a waste. I just discovered this trend recently and it facinates me.
    In fact, I am developing a plan to promote this kind of thing here in Indianapolis and put my Nikon to good use. We have lots of great settings-when its warm.

    Anyway, if you were to trash your wedding gown, how would you do it(water, mud, ripping it up)? Also, would you include your veil, etc. When I start my shooting sessions I plan to encourage the bride to look exactly as she did on the day of her wedding-if at all possible. In some of the sessions I have seen, the bride looks as if she just crawled out of a laundry hamper along with her dress.

    I would very much like to correspond with a woman who is aware of this trend. I could use the advice on how to approach things.

    Best Regards

    Carter C. Keith

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