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By: Alexine

Every bride-to-be has a million things to do before the wedding. This can lead to some slip-ups and missed opportunities when it comes to planning. Nobody wants to deal with last minute issues or cancellations but they tend to happen more than you would expect. To give the brides a heads up on what could happen I’ve come up with a list of horrible situations that have happened to other brides. Read on so that you can hopefully avoid these nightmares.

Wedding Dress Is Not Ready
I’ve heard of this happening more to brides that have distant weddings than local, but the seamstress has literally no time to get the dress finished. Of all the possible issues, the wedding dress is a very large one. No bride wants to have a dress that doesn’t fit right and sags around her rear or sticks out at her bust.

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Order your wedding dress no less than six months before the wedding and send it immediately to the seamstress for alterations.

Flower Girl Won’t Budge
When it comes to your flower girl and ring bearer, please choose wisely. I’ve seen too many brides have their wedding day ruined due to a little spoiled brat who won’t put their tuxedo on or a shy girl who won’t walk down the isle.

To avoid this problem choose older children (seven to twelve) that are not shy. It is also a good idea that you know the child so you can talk to them on the wedding day to make sure they know how much you appreciate them being in the wedding and how well behaved they are.

There Is Not Enough Food
At the reception people are there to eat, drink and mingle. The last thing you want to happen is to not have enough food. This can be a difficult call when not everyone RSVP’s or says that they will “maybe” attend.

In order to save yourself from this dilemma you should have a buffet. They tend to have way more than enough food for the number of guests you give the catering company. If you have a handful of “maybe” guests then add them to the count. It is much better to have leftover food than not enough!

Bride and Groom are Hung Over
To avoid feeling absolutely lousy on your wedding day be sure to have your bachelor and bachelorette parties at least two nights before the wedding. Preferably you should have the parties a week before the wedding in case anything stupid happens like a sprang ankle or bruises.

You want to look magnificent on your wedding day but if you have a strapless dress and black and blue bruises on your shoulder it is very noticeable. Plus makeup can only do so much. Make sure you also avoid having the parties the night before the wedding because there is a good chance you will be hung over. Feeling sick is bad enough and even worse on one of the best days of your life. Save the partying for another night and save up your energy for the wedding.

There Is Not Enough Parking
While parking may seem like a minor issue, there are some churches and venues that have nightmare parking situations. It would be horrible if your entire family arrived and there wasn’t enough parking so they delayed the wedding thirty or forty minutes to walk from a mile away or got parking tickets.

To ensure you do not have to worry about parking be sure and visit your church and venue ahead of time to check out the availability. If you notice there is limited space then you can write on your invitations that parking is limited and have people carpool. Or on the other hand you can switch your places to accommodate the amount of guests you would like to have.

No Mistakes Please
While there are other minor mistakes these are the five most common mistakes I’ve heard about or experienced at weddings. If you plan way ahead of time and thoroughly go though each part of the wedding to ensure the timeline works, guests are accounted for and companies have been set in stone, there should not be a large problem. Every wedding has minor issues and that’s what makes us human. However, these are things that only you will recognize so be sure and focus on the good, not the bad.

2 Responses to Top Five Wedding Preparation Mistakes

  • Yes, I agree with u, the things happen unexpectedly at the weddings are more than the expected ones. So it’s better to look of those problems before the wedding day and make your big day a memorable one.

  • really same was there in my wedding..a lil dieferfnce was that you were working in client’s wedding and I was the bride.But of the time it has been seen that most of the couple never know abut the vows but fortunately we discussed it priory and we never get bore even at the ritual of pheras. where most of the couple just want to complete the ritual without knowing the fact behind that.Most of the relatives and friends were there without any sleep.And we feel this as .This gave stability in our married life.Thanks to all my family members who were the part of that most special moment of my life.

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