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By: Alexine

One of the most important decisions for the bride on her wedding day is what to do with her hair. This may seem silly in the months leading up to the wedding. However, as time approaches the little things will seem much larger. In other words make sure you get this figured out ahead of time. To do so I have come up with tips on different hair styles and accessories you can use for your big day.

Hair Length
The length of your hair determines a lot when it comes to making the decision on what to do with it for your wedding. Depending on how long you hair is, you may want to start letting it grow longer for a particular hairstyle or save up for some realistic extensions if there is not enough time to grow it out.

On the other hand you may have long hair but like the looks of a choppy short hairdo for the wedding. This is a great idea but make sure you seek professional advice before removing your gorgeous locks. Whether you have short hair or long hair, make sure you put some thought into the hairdo with months to fix it if a problem arises.

Hair Pieces
There are many different types of hair pieces that work with short and long hair. Choosing one that goes well with your dress is always a plus. With many different types of hair pieces available remember that certain ones go with particular hairdos better than others. To help with possible confusion I have come up with different hair pieces and the hairdos that would work well with them.

Flower Hairpin
These are beautiful and range in size from itty bitty to large and fluffy. They come in any color you can imagine and sometimes women at craft fairs make custom flowers to order. The flower hairpins can be used with any up hairdo or partial up hairdo.

Small flower hairpins can be spread throughout a cluster of curls in an up hairdo or one large flower can be placed on the side of a French twist or bun. Although you dress is white you can use gorgeous colors in your hair. Don’t be afraid to dress your hair up for the wedding.

A great hair accessory for your wedding hair is a headband made of ribbon, lace or rhinestones. The nice thing about headbands is that if they have enough support you can use them with your hair down in curls, waves or straightened.

The softer or more delicate headbands can accompany an up hairdo with slicked back hair in front and then more details in the back. This look allows the headband to show completely and glamorizes the whole head of hair. Either way headbands are a great accessory for your wedding day hairdo.

Hair combs are a great accessory for most hairdos. The French twist, bun, sides up and ponytail are particularly nice because you can take advantage of the elegance of the comb. They stay really nicely in most types of hair including fine hair if you have the hair tight enough and use product to create less movement.

With such a variety of looks, the most appropriate combs for your wedding are decorated with freshwater pearls, rhinestones or flowers. Look around for the style of comb based on the hairstyle you like as there are different sizes and shapes available. Some even have veils attached to them.

Many of the different styles of clips are a great way to dress up even the simplest hairstyles for your wedding. If you do not have the funding to have your hair done then you can always use a flat iron or curler and throw a pretty clip with your sides up or at the top of a ponytail. Either way there are plenty of clips out there to suit your style.

A few types of clips that are appropriate for your wedding include freshwater pearls, fancy flowers, rhinestones, gemstones and beads. Be creative and make your own if you feel like adding your own special twist.

One of the most common wedding hairstyle accessories is the tiara. This most likely has to do with the image of the bride being a princess for her special day. As an addition to an up hairdo or down hairdo, tiaras are great for any season of wedding because you can have them decorated accordingly. Items you find on tiaras include flowers, pearls, rhinestones, leaves, berries, feathers and beads.

Choose a Few
Depending on which hair accessories you like you may want to purchase a few different styles to work with. This will keep the stress off of not having the right type on your wedding day. Then your hair stylist can do whichever hair style looks best and not have to make a hairstyle just for your accessory. As a preparation you can look through magazines and find hairstyles that you like when purchasing the accessories to make things easier on yourself.

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