Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

Every bride contemplates what to wear under their wedding dress on the big day. There are so many choices at the bridal shop, department and lingerie stores that it may seem overwhelming. However there are specific designs for each body type and dress design. To help choose the right above the waist undergarment to wear underneath your wedding dress I have created a list of the different types and their uses.

Seamless Bra
The seamless bra is a great choice if you are wearing a wedding dress that is very conservative up top. The two extremes for this bra are a turtleneck or thick tank strap with a high neck line style dress. Either way you have to make sure that the bra does not show whatsoever at all.

It is very tasteless to have your undergarments showing on your wedding day so make sure if you choose to wear a seamless bra that it is not too thick of straps or exposed in any way.

Strapless Bra
The strapless bra is one of the most popular undergarments for above the waist as it caters to the needs of most wedding dresses. No matter how difficult the neckline is to match with straps the strapless will do the trick. The only frustrating thing about this bra is the thick strap around the back to hold up all the weight. That rules this bra out for any low back dresses unless you get the type of strapless bra that has tape on the sides.

Sew-In Push Up Bra Cups
These sew-in cups are a great choice for all those intricate designed dresses. They offer adequate support and can be hand sewn into any wedding dress. The plunge-front and backless are two of the most difficult dresses to find above the waist undergarments for. However, the sew-in push up bra cups are pretty much your only choice other than tape.

Low Back Seamless Bridal Bustier
This bustier is the most common way to hold everything in on your wedding day. It gives you great form and comfort along with adequate support. The low back design allows you to wear it with a v-shape or swoop-back dress. Also you can wear it with a dress that has crisscross straps across the back with no material behind it.

As a bonus most of these come with clear straps that you can do four different setting with to give you better support; regular, halter, crisscross and around the back.

Longline Bra
The longline bra is like a bustier with wire running vertically through it and the bottom is at the waist or a little above. There are different types of longline bras including lace, satin, strapless and tie-up back like a corset. They work great at holding in a little extra above the waist but if you want your stomach held in then you have to go for something longer. Another name for this bra is the torsolette bra or hourglass bra.

Low Plunge Back Bra
The plunge back bra is great for dresses that have very low backs and see-through material on the back. This style bra does not use straps due to the way most plunge back dresses have straps in uncommon angles and places so there is no way to line them up. You can buy a low plunge back bra in the colors nude and brown to make it blend in with your skin tone.

Also if your dress is a little too low on the back then you can use the special garment and body tape to tape the dress over the back of the bra to ensure it will not show at all.

Try It On
Depending on which type of dress you have the most important thing to do is try the undergarments on with the dress. This way you are sure to like the fit and feel of the garment on your skin and know that none of it shows. Take your time as it may take a few stores of trying multiple undergarments on before you find the right one. Good luck with the search and remember to have fun. This is a great task to do with your maid of honor or bridesmaids.

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