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By: Alexine

Choosing the proper undergarments for your wedding day can be quite the headache. There are so many different styles of slips and body sculpting items on the market these days that it is easy to get confused. With that in mind I’ve come up with all the different undergarments that you could possibly wear below the waist on your wedding day. This way you can make the decision of which one or two you would like to wear underneath your wedding dress.

Little Fullness Slip
This type of slip as you can tell from the name is for a dress that has a slight angle skirt. There are A-Line, Empire and Princess style dresses that work perfect with this type of slip. The hem circumference is approximately ninety inches and they come in a variety of lengths. In order to make sure you have chosen the perfect fullness make sure and try the slip on with your dress before you purchase it.

Medium Fullness Slip
The medium fullness slips are also designed for the A-Line, Empire and Princess style dresses which are very popular amongst brides. The difference between the medium fullness and little fullness slip is about thirty inches for the hem circumference bringing them to about one-hundred and twenty inches. These slips have a few more layers of tulle and batting to create a fuller look.

Extra Full Slip
The extra full slips are extremely large in comparison to your medium fullness slips. They range from one-hundred and sixty to one-hundred and eighty-eight inches in circumference at the hem. That makes these slips only useful under very large A-Line, Empire and Princess dresses. However, for all the different fullness slips the waist closures come in a variety of forms including; elastic, hook and eye, Velcro, drawstring, zipper and gripper waist.

Hoop Skirt
The hoop skirt and you can tell from the name is created by wire rings inside of material creating the full look underneath your dress. They come in a variety of sizes and heights for your specific needs and can be altered to fit your dress. These slips do not have layers of tulle creating the fullness so they tend to be less hot if you need a very full looking slip. As with the previous slip the hoop skirt is designed for the A-Line, Empire and Princess style dresses.

Mermaid Slip
The mermaid slip is designed for the wedding dresses that are snug on your thighs and at about the mid-calf they flare out. This is a very popular style amongst designers so you may need one of these slips if you have that style dress. Since this is such a style specific slip there is not much to worry about other than if there are removable or additional layers of tulle if you need to add or remove a layer or two.

High Waist and Long Leg Briefs
Many women are very thankful to have a pair of these lying around for everyday use let alone for their wedding day. However if you are someone that has not purchased one but would like to hold everything in from your waist to your knees, than you will want to purchase a pair or two. These are great for mermaid style, slim cut and figure hugging wedding dresses. Pretty much anyone who wants to look a size or two smaller in the midsection for your wedding will want to give this wonderful invention a try.

Don’t Forget Your Underwear
This is the most obvious undergarment that you will want to wear under your wedding dress. Whether you want to wear blue lace underwear as your something blue or a white lace thong, either one is a great choice. You can accompany any cute pair of underwear with your slip and bustier so have fun picking out the special pair for your big day.

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