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By: Alexine

Themed weddings are very popular these days and due to the demand for coordinated wedding dresses many seamstresses have started making dresses for each of the themes. If you have your own idea of what you want then you can also have a dress specially made. Whether you want to design your own dress or find a designer that has some already made, there are recommended materials and styles for each theme. To help choose the perfect dress for your theme I have come up with some of the most popular themes and gone into detail about the dresses you are looking for.

Celtic Wedding Dress
Celtic wedding dresses can be primarily made out of several materials including satin, stretch velvet and crushed panne. Crushed panne is similar to velvet in appearance and is made out of polyester. They are long in length and come in a variety of colors. An indication that the dress is Celtic style would be long arm extensions made from chiffron and jacquard trimmed belts. The jacquard belts are like ribbon in style and outline the waist of the dress and come to a v in the front.

Medieval Wedding Dress
Like Celtic dresses the seamstresses make medieval dresses primarily out of satin, stretch velvet or crushed panne. They also are adorned with chiffon or organza accents but these are typically in dark colors of jewels including purple, red, burgundy, green and blue. Lace is also a popular accent material used for the medieval style dresses. If you like dark colored wedding dresses than this style is perfect.

Renaissance Wedding Dress
Theses wedding dresses look like something out of Romeo and Juliet. There is such beauty and grace in the dresses which can be made from satin, stretch velvet or crushed panne. They look great in a variety of colors including gold, silver and jewel colors. The chiffon accents really make theses dresses look the part and will defiantly give you the renaissance feel.

Gothic Wedding Dress
As you can imagine the gothic dresses are typically black with dark colored accents. They can be made out of satin, stretch velvet or crushed panne with chiffon and lace accents. The black shinny material brings a mysterious feeling to the wedding dress while the red, green, purple or blue accents help highlight the bride’s curves. These dark Gothic style dresses are not for everyone but can be beautiful on the right bride.

Victorian Wedding Dress
The Victorian styles dresses come in an A-line style and are made from satin, stretch velvet or crushed panne. This style dress has a special difference from other styles called lace bell flounce which are extensions from the wrist. This gives a conservative look of having a long sleeve dress that reaches the floor with flowing lace coming from the wrists. The other popular detail on these Victorian dresses is the lace-up front. It is only there for looks, not as a way to close the top of the dress.

Fantasy Wedding Dress
The fantasy style dresses are where you can get into some imaginative design. You can find these A-line dresses made of silk, satin, stretch velvet or crushed panne with lace, feather, organza and chiffon accents. The variety of details offers the designers the ability to create many beautiful dresses. You can have these dresses made in any color and fullness of the skirt depending on how much you want.

Fairy-Tale Wedding Dress
This is where the princess style dress comes into play with lots of layers and sheer puffy accents. These dresses can be made of silk, satin, stretch velvet or crushed panne with flowing chiffon or organza sleeves and lace accents.

The beauty of creating your own Cinderella story is that you get to choose how detailed of a dress you wear. You can wear a princess fairy-tale dress that is sleeveless, strapless, short sleeve or long sleeve depending on the time of year. There are always beautiful gloves to accompany the dress and silver slippers to top it off.

Beach Wedding Dress
The beach theme can go in several directions including a simple casual wedding, a romantic sunset wedding or a Hawaiian luau wedding. The simple white sundress style wedding dress would be great if you had a casual wedding along with a few sunflowers or Gerber daisies in your hand. The materials for the sun dress are cotton, linen or hemp.

On the other hand an evening sunset beach wedding dress would have a more sensual appeal. A long sleek spaghetti strap dress with bare feet or flip flops would work for the mood. This dress could be made of silk or lightweight satin with chiffon or organza overlay.

Last but certainly the most colorful beach wedding dress would be a Hawaiian style wedding dress. They use lots of bright colors and flowers in their dresses so you could have a variety of colored dresses. There are long and short styles so it is up to you on the length of your dress. All you need is a few plumeria or ginger flower leis and you are all set.

Choose Your Theme
Have fun choosing your theme and finding the perfect dress to go along. It is a really fun task dressing yourself up for the wedding so make sure you enjoy shopping for the dress or designing it. Then you can start coordinating your bridesmaids, groomsmen and the groom’s attire. There are endless possibilities so take your time and since it takes about three months to get a dress sewn be sure to start early.

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