Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

Making the decision to renew your wedding vows is very special for you and your spouse. This is a way to rekindle the flames after years of marriage and hardships you endured together. As a transition in life, renewing your vows is a great way to celebrate the love you have for one another. To better understand why couples decide to renew their vows I have come up with some reasons to share with you.

Milestone Anniversary
There is a lot of recognition these days for couples who stay married for twenty or more years as the divorce rate continues to increase. With hope for the best in life it is unfortunate that so many people turn to divorce instead of working things out. To celebrate your love for each other and to reminisce about the last twenty or more years together, renewing your vows is a wonderful experience.

Out of Debt
It is difficult to become financially stable with all the credit cards you can get your hands on these days. That makes it so much easier for people to fall into a huge hole of debt. The stress of debt causes a lot of problems in a marriage. As a way of celebrating financial stability and sticking through one of the toughest situations you can treat yourself to a vow renewal. Possibly a private ceremony in a tropical place to boost your mood and focus on the love you have for each other.

Adequate Finances
Many people are unable to afford their dream wedding when they are young and not established so renewing your vows as mature adults is a wonderful way to bring the family together. With enough money you can afford to have all your special friends and family celebrate the years of marriage you have shared. It really makes you appreciate what had to be done to get to this point in your lives.

Cancer Survivor
When your health has been compromised there is a huge toll in marriage both emotionally and financially. The stress of the one person you cannot live without possibly dyeing is enough to sink any person’s happiness. With that being said, a clean bill of health after battling cancer is the perfect reason to renew your wedding vows. This is a way of celebrating your second chance of life together and eternal love for each other.

Job Retirement
After twenty or more years working endless hours at your job it is a new transition in a marriage to be home all the time. Whether you take up hobbies or choose to travel together, the life milestone of retirement is one to celebrate. Renewing your vows is a great way to celebrate your new retired lifestyle with your spouse.

Empty Nest
One of the most difficult experiences for Mothers and Fathers is letting go of their children. After countless days of family dinners in the evening after school and work, transiting to just the two of you can be difficult. This is another one of those times in life where renewing your vows for each other and focusing on your marriage is important. It is also important to give each other the love and support you need to get though this time and adjust to your new lifestyle.

Renew Anyway
Hopefully I touched on a category or idea that suits your situation if you are considering renewing your wedding vows. Honestly you really do not need a huge milestone to do so as some people get married somewhere new every year as a way to pledge themselves to each other. In the end you should renew your wedding vows even if you do not have an excuse other than that you love each other.

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