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By: Alexine

Decorating your church and reception can be quite costly these days. Many brides have turned to making up their own centerpieces and decorations for the tables. To help you decide on some homemade centerpieces for your wedding I have come up with some different ideas you might want to try out. Good luck being crafty and enjoy the creativity.

Flower Holders

Items for holding flowers come in all shapes and sizes. You can even make flower holders out of materials around you house or in the garden. The most obvious items you can use to make centerpieces are different shaped vases. They come in many geometric shapes including squares, circles and ovals.

On the other hand you can find other items around the house including recycled wine bottles, baskets and glass bowls. These come in both large and small sizes and can be used in clusters or individually depending on the size. Also you can add ribbon, raffia, seashells, pinecones or bells on them depending on the season.

If you really want to get creative then you can hollow out pumpkins or gourds to make natural vases that coordinate with the season. They can be painted with shinny spray or gold and silver luster depending on your color scheme.

Candle Holders

An alternative to flower arrangements in the center of the tables is candle holders. These are a great option if you are having an evening wedding in a venue that does not have very good overhead lighting for the guests or if you want to create a romantic atmosphere.

You can find an assortment of inexpensive candle holders according to the season at your local craft stores. Also there are interior decorating stores that often clearance off seasonal items that you could get ahead of time if you were planning your wedding way in advance. However, since most things are done within six months I would look for coupons in your local news paper for the craft stores.

There are also items around your house you can create great candle holders out of. Some of the items include small paper lunch bags and slices of round pine tree branches. You can add bows, cutouts, stamps and glued on accents on the paper bags. Then all you need to do is put a tea-light or votive in a small glass holder to prevent fire. For the pine tree branch slice you can put the candle in the center and then add barbwire and pieces of greens around the candle to create a fall and outdoors feel.

Seasonal Centerpieces

Depending on the season you can make great centerpieces out of materials at your house and the craft stores. In the spring you can make bowls of pebbles with paper white bulbs growing in them which are both beautiful and fragrant. You can also use any other type of bulb that matches the wedding colors.

In the summer you can do a warm weather themed centerpiece out of brightly colored marbles or blobs in the bottom of a clear vase of flowers. You can also use seashells and sand or citrus fruit in the water. Another idea would be an edible centerpiece out of delicious fruits people can enjoy and snack on throughout the reception.

For autumn weddings there are plenty of beautiful colored leaves that you can spray with clear paint to harden and place in the center of the table around a few candles or an assortment of ornamental gourds. Another idea would be to use yellow, orange and red colored flowers in a shellacked pumpkin or decoupage vase. It is easy to find leaves or autumn colored cutouts to put on the vases. Be creative with designs on some colored velum paper and paste them on the vases.

In winter there are a couple centerpieces that would be easy to decorate and make. You could use little Christmas tree centerpieces that are about eight to twelve inches tall and decorate them with mini balls and bows according to your wedding colors. You can also take bare brown tree branches and lay them on their side along with some tea lights and hang photos of you and your husband on them. Or you can wrap cute little boxes with your wedding favors in beautiful paper with bows in silver or gold ribbon and have them displayed in the center of the table.

Be Creative

Depending on the season and time of day you have your wedding there are many centerpieces you can create. Choose a type of flower holder or candle holder and run with it. I recommend trying things out as soon as you know when your wedding will be so you can come up with an idea you can both make and love. Make sure and use your creativity because there are many centerpieces you can create out of the same item. The difference is your own originality which is the perfect wedding centerpiece.

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  • You have some nice ideas here! I always prefer to make decorations on my own to satisfy my wants.

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