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By Alexine

Bride with flowersFinding the perfect wedding dress is one of the most difficult decisions the bride to be must make. You may fall head over heels for a dress in one of the many bridal magazines. But, please take into consideration every woman’s body is different and the possibility of the dress looking exactly as it does on you is very slim.

Get Experienced Advice
My number one piece of advice is to make an appointment with a bridal boutique near you to get help from women who tend to hundreds of other brides to be. They will choose dresses that accent your unique curves.

Styles Abound
Most bridal boutiques carry a large variety of styles and brands to allow for different budgets and types of weddings. Most of the dresses that are advertised tend to be very pricey so you can usually find a similar dress that isn’t a brand name, but half the cost or less.
As for choosing the right type of dress I do have a bit of insight from my experience dress shopping. While every woman is different, these tips are pretty much universal.

Consider Lace-ups
Something that I discovered as I was trying on countless dresses was that lace-up back dresses are AMAZNG! They not only hold you in which eliminates the need for a bra, but also take at least two dress sizes off of your figure. Quite the confidence boost!

Upfront and Personal
For large busts or small busts most dresses are a pain. The cups are either too big or too small. If it is too small you can try gel cups but that doesn’t always help. Your best bet is to try a lace up back because they shape to your figure for the most part and can help hold you in with large or small breasts.

Disguise Chicken Arms
If you have sagging arms that you would like to hide without getting a complete long-sleeved dress they have a solution. There are little half sleeve covers to hide your upper back and arms. You can also wear long gloves if you strictly want to cover your arms.

Its All About Illusion
Dresses with an A style flare are wonderful for those with a pear shape. The top of the dress can accent your tiny waist and the bottom can hide a large rear and legs. Some of us aren’t blessed with super model legs and these dresses area great fix.

Veils Add Mystery
When it comes to veils you can spend a fortune for double layer or triple but single layered veils work just the same. The only downfall is you don’t have a layer to wear over your face. However, most women don’t do that because it gets in the way of photographing their face.

Tweak For the Perfect Fit
All in all the wedding dress is quite a project to find and get altered. Your best bet in staying within your budget is choosing a dress that needs the least amount of alterations. I feel strongly about lace up backs because they tend to require less work and fit more figures which save you money.

Keep Trying
Make sure you try at least three on before making a decision and make an appointment with a professional. This will take the stress off of you and make the process go much more smoothly.

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