Wedding Planning Tips

priest for wedding
By: Alexine

Whether your wedding planning is in full force or just beginning at some point you will be thinking about who is going to marry you and your fiancé. The person who you hire or ask to conduct the ceremony can come from a number of backgrounds and relationships in your lives. While some people are less particular about this, it is a pretty important part of the wedding. Here are some ideas to help you choose who you want marrying you and your fiancé at the wedding.

Leader at Your Church

This is a pretty common decision for those who have grown up going to a particular church. The hard thing to choose is between the bride’s church and the groom’s church. This decision might be based on the religion you have chosen to pursue which could mean going with the Minister at your church instead of the Rabi from your fiancés synagogue or temple.

Justice of the peace

When you choose to have your wedding at an outdoor location it is common to choose a justice of the peace. They are typically very flexible on ceremony locations and will work out of their own home. The nice thing about choosing a justice of the peace is that they give you options on your vows and allow you to participate in the vow writing process.

Ordained Friend or Family Member

To add an extra special touch to your wedding ceremony you can have an ordained friend or family member conduct the ceremony. If you know someone that does not have their license but would be willing to do your ceremony then they can take the course to be ordained. This is a great way to have someone dear to you and your fiancé be part of the ceremony in an unforgettable way.

Local Mayor or Judge

These are two people you wouldn’t normally ask to conduct your ceremony outside of the court house. However, if you are looking for a small ceremony before a large reception it is a convenient choice to use your mayor or judge. These are also both people that can perform non-religious ceremonies if you or your fiancé is not comfortable with religion.

Notary Public or Civil Servant

Two other positions in the community that can perform wedding ceremonies are a local notary public or civil servant. They are a great choice for any location and also can perform non-religious ceremonies. Talk to your town hall to see if they can recommend a notary public or civil servant in your area or if they have a list of them. Also ask them if it is legal to have one perform the wedding ceremony as some states do not allow it.

Your Personal Attorney

If you do not have a friend or family member that is willing or able to conduct your wedding ceremony then you can always ask you personal attorney. They can perform the wedding ceremony for you and also take care of all the legalities of your two lives joining. This is a great choice for a couple that has a more personal relationship with their attorney.

Captain on a Ship

Some larger boat companies offer having your wedding on the boat along with the captain performing the wedding ceremony. This is a great touch to a wedding on a cruise ship or a wedding on a rented yacht. The smaller boat can be anchored for the ceremony or the first mate can take over on large ships to allow the captain to attend your wedding. Either way it is a fun idea to get married on a ship.

Decisions, Decisions

No matter whom you choose to conduct your wedding ceremony it is important that you participate in the preparations. Meeting with the person to go over what they expect from you and what you expect from them is very important. This leaves little room for disappointment or disaster. Good luck choosing the person who will perform your wedding ceremony and enjoy putting your vows together.

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