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farm wedding
By: Alexine

Deciding where to have your wedding ceremony and reception can be quite a headache. There are many places that advertise for weddings but most get booked up years in advance and cost an arm and a leg. While this is acceptable to some brides, most are in need of a more reasonable price. To help with the headache here are some venues where you might like to have your wedding ceremony or reception.

Country Club

If you or someone close to you is a member of a country club then this would be a great place to have your ceremony and your reception. Of course if you want to have you ceremony in a church that is fine too but the reception would be wonderful at a country club. Whether you are overlooking a golf course or an array of tennis courts and swimming pools, the scenery is usually very beautiful.


Many hotels are designed with large banquet halls and areas to rent out for large parties like weddings. The convenience of having your guests staying all in one place is an easy way to keep things together. No traveling from venue to venue and less of a headache with parking and alcohol. On top of that they are usually quite beautiful and some even have chandeliers and dance floors built in. Some hotels offer all-in-one wedding venue, planning, and catering support.

Bed & Breakfast

For a smaller and more intimate wedding you can have your ceremony and reception at a bed and breakfast. This has a homier feel to it without the stress of preparing things on your own time. Also you and your guests can all stay under one roof to allow maximum time spent together as a family.

Local Church

Most churches these days are built with large gatherings in mind like weddings and holidays. There is typically a large hall attached to the church and some even have industrial kitchens. There are also churches that have youth groups that offer to make and serve food. This is a great way to have your ceremony and reception all in one place while supporting a local church.

Community Center

Many areas have a local community center that host a variety of events throughout the year. This is a great venue to rent for your wedding ceremony and reception as it supports the local arts. Talk to the town hall or person in charge at the community center to see what amenities they have. It is always nice to rent a place that provides tables, chairs and has a kitchen for the caterers to use.


Having your wedding ceremony and reception at a museum is a great way to keep your guests entertained. Whether it is a more modern art museum or a museum full of history, either one is fun to explore. Also museums often are designed to host large events and allow alcohol so you can have an open bar and plenty of room for any size wedding.


Living near a coast has its perks when it comes to planning your wedding. While some coastline is private there is a lot of public beach that you can get permission from the town or county to use. With public parks in particular there is plenty of parking and beautiful scenery. It also is relatively inexpensive to borrow the beach in a local park for the day.


If you or someone you know has a beautifully landscaped backyard that is large enough for your guests list this is a perfect venue. You can set up for an outdoor ceremony and then have a tent up for an outdoor reception with a dance floor. While bathrooms might be a bit of a problem, you can always rent a row of nice looking portable toilets for the guests.


Inside a beautiful old Victorian house is a great place to have your wedding ceremony and reception. With large staircases to walk down and chandeliers hanging above there is sure to be a great setting for your big entrance and first dance. Take time to talk with the clerk at the town hall to see if there are any in your town that are available to rent. The cost is usually quite reasonable for the space you rent.


Knowing someone that owns a farm is wonderful when it comes time to have your wedding ceremony and reception. The scenery from the fields of crops and cool buildings is great to look at. It is always a plus if they have an old farmhouse that has been maintained because they can be very beautiful. Either way you can have an outdoor ceremony and reception in a tent on a farm with plenty of place to park.

Hopefully you can check out one or two of these venues in your local area for the wedding ceremony and reception. Talk with your friends and family to see if they are connected in any way to a farm, country club or church if that is what you are look for. Otherwise the other venues you can go and seek out on your own. Good luck finding the venue of your choice and enjoy the process finding it.

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