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By: Alexine

You don’t have to travel very far to find a beautiful place to honeymoon in the United States. There is so much natural beauty around this country that is worthy of newlywed bliss. So pack up your bags and head out to a beautiful National Park in your area. This is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your new spouse.

All of the National Parks have a variety of outdoor activities to take part in depending on their location. Whether you live in the northeast, northwest, Midwest, southeast or southwest there is a park close by. Here are some of the activities you might want to consider for your honeymoon trip to a National Park.


You will want to consider where to camp no matter which National Park you choose to go to for your honeymoon. Most of them offer camping in campgrounds and backcountry camping while on long journeys through the wilderness. To make a weeklong trip out of your visit to the National Park you may have to reserve a camping spot or get special permits to be able to camp freely.


Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert hiker there are plenty of trails for you in the National Parks. This is one of those activities that you can turn into a trip of its own as well if you want to backpack up a large mountain or throughout a particular mountain range. However, if you would rather make day trips then a hike around a lake or up to a waterfall or lookout point would be a great choice.


Most of the National Parks are great for going biking and many of them have mountain biking trails. If you own a couple of city bikes then you can explore the park on the roads instead of by trail. Some of the parks even have bike rentals or tours depending on where you go. Contact the National Park to see what they have to offer before making the drive in case you have to rent the bikes at a shop in town.


For a relaxing and fun time together you can grab your fishing poles to take with you. There are many lakes at different National Parks that are great for shore and dock fishing. It’s a plus if you have a boat but if you do not there is plenty of fun fishing without one. Make sure you both get your fishing license for that state before settling at the park so you don’t get fined for not having them.


Recreational boating is another great activity you can enjoy at the National Parks around the United States. Whether you dock up at a cool island, anchor off a remote beach or just cruise around to enjoy the scenery, boating would be a romantic getaway for a couple of newlyweds. To ensure this sport is allowed contact the National Parks in your area before heading out.


For the serious climbers out there, many National Parks offer large rock faces and glaciers to work your way up together. This sport is only recommended to those who have the needed experience and equipment to attempt such a dangerous climb. However, if you are those climber types then you have a great opportunity for danger and excitement by climbing in one of our National Parks.


Taking a dip in the ocean or a lake in one of the National Parks is always a fun experience. Instead of traveling far away to an expensive tourist beach with lots of people, try exploring the coastline or lake shores of National Parks in your area to find a romantic beach of your own. Then you can spend the day swimming and snacking as you enjoy quality time together as a married couple.

Horseback Riding

For the equestrian lovers at heart who own a couple of horses of their own, why not take a trip to a National Park for some romantic trail rides. Many parks are horse friendly and offer areas to camp with your horses at night. Look into the parks in your area to see if this is the right activity to plan for. While you may not have your own horses there may be guided tours on horseback available.

Observing Wildlife

No matter which National Park you choose to go to you will always be able to get out in nature and observe some wildlife. Depending on how you choose to do this there will be opportunities to come across different species of plants and animals. When you get to the park you are going to talk with the information booth or office to see if they have a guide to the local plants and animals. This will give you a place to start when it comes to your honeymoon adventures together in any beautiful National Park.

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