Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

From a young age many women dream of being in love someday. It may start off as a princess story out of a children’s movie but grows into the reality of getting to spend every day with your best friend. As you get older the boys don’t have cooties anymore and before you know it there is a boyfriend or guy friend in your life that has become your fiancé.

While life may seem to go by a lot slower when you are younger, the time flies by as you get older and have more responsibilities. Juggling school, work, finances, family and a serious relationship is quite a bit for one person. As if you could not add anymore to your plate, now you are engaged and busy planning your dream wedding.

It is easy to get caught up your dream of getting married and all the fun of picking out the wedding theme, shopping for your dress and choosing which venue you want to host the reception. However, it is important to sit down and think about your relationship as there may be lots of questions running through your head.

Here are some of the questions that you may be thinking about or may want to consider. There is not always a yes or no answer to each question. The idea is to help you think through the decision of marriage and how it is going to affect you.

Is this the person I want to spend the rest of my life with?

While this is a big question it is important to think about the long run. Too many people take marriage lightly and because there is an option of exit they don’t have to think about forever but what works for now. That mindset has given the divorce rate a boost and ruined so many relationships. Try and think about getting married as a lifelong decision. This may put it into perspective for you.

Does he make me feel special?

Thinking about how you feel around your fiancé is really important because that is a huge indicator for the longevity of the relationship. If he doesn’t make you feel special there is a good chance the first person that does will sweep you off your feet.

Does he take my needs into consideration?

If you question this ever there is a good chance that your needs are not being met in the relationship. With that said you might want to think about where he is falling short of your expectations and see if you can work on that. Feelings of resentment will come about if the relationship is one-sided for a long period of time. Resentment is poison for a happy marriage and needs to be addressed immediately.

Do we spend enough time together? Do I enjoy this time?

You both are very busy individuals that are wrapped up in your own lives and see very little of each other. This is stressful on any relationship and marriage will not cure this problem. Making time for one another in important and may mean letting go of an after work activity. Changing your schedules so they complement each other is also another remedy.

Making sure this marriage will work for you is very important as the decision to marry is very serious commitment. While the dream of getting married is in your grasp, make sure this is the right person for you. Everyone deserves to be happy in their marriage, not just married for the sake of a title or life experience. Take the time you need to think about how you feel in regards to this marriage. Make sure it is going to bring you true happiness.

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