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By: Alexine

Buying a gift for anyone can present itself as a challenge. As you browse through different department stores and boutiques picking things up and then putting them right back. Thinking to yourself “maybe this or maybe that.” Well this becomes a bit more difficult when the bride is expecting. However, after brainstorming I have come up with ten ideas to help you choose a gift for the pregnant bride.

1. Massage

What woman doesn’t love getting pampered? Of course there is no one that would turn down a wonderful full body massage. Especially pregnant women because that extra weight really puts the pressure on their feet and muscles. A gift certificate for a pregnancy massage will be appreciated.

2. Photo Session

It is very common for photographers to take maternity photos these days and many women love getting them done. Since it can be pretty expensive with the session and prints a gift certificate to their photographer for any amount is great. If you can afford it then booking her a session is great too.

3. Handmade Baby Sweater

For those of you who are good with crafty needle work, knitting or crocheting a sweater should be your gift. This is something that she will put on her adorable little baby day after day. It is easy to pick gender neutral colors like white or mint green if you do not know the gender.

4. Gift Certificate

If there is a super store anywhere near the bride then a gift certificate to there would be a great choice. It will come in handy for all those diaper, wipe and baby food runs in the near future. While the idea seems funny now, but it will be greatly appreciated once baby arrives and all the little things add up.

5. Baby Attire

Shopping for baby clothes is always a lot of fun, especially when you haven’t had a baby in a while or you have the opposite gender children. From frilly girly dresses to adorable polo shirts and cargo shorts, there are cute clothes for both genders. Make sure you buy them in size three months and larger.

6. Body Products

While baby will be here in a short time, mom still needs to be pampered. A great way to help would be to make her a basket with natural bath and body products. That way she won’t hurt the baby and can still feel beautiful and pampered. Don’t forget some lotions, body washes, lip balms and body scrubs.

7. Girls Night Out

Taking the bride out to dinner would be a special treat. As her friend you know that once baby comes around you won’t be seeing as much of her for a while. Also with a newborn she will not have the flexibility of getting out as much. So while she still can make sure you take her for a girl’s night out.

8. Dinner Date

Giving the bride a gift certificate she can use with her fiancé to have a nice dinner is also another option. This would be great for them as it is hard to afford to go out to dinner when you are saving up for a baby and paying for a wedding. Look at the menu to see what it costs for the food so you know what to get.

9. Camera or Video Camera

A camera or video camera would be great for an expecting bride if she doesn’t already have both. She will want to take lots of pictures of her new baby in the months to come and she cannot do so without these tools. Talk to her and just ask in conversation if she has one or the other or both before you buy one.

10. Bath Robe and Slippers

With all the night time feedings a newborn needs she is sure to be up at all hours of the night for at least a few weeks. For some comfort in the sleepless beginning with baby she is sure to appreciate a nice new bath robe and some slippers. Choose one that is appropriate for the season she is due for maximum comfort.

Hopefully there is one idea you can afford or like the sounds of in the ones I listed off. From pampering to gifts for baby there is something for every pregnant bride to enjoy. If you know the bride very well then you know what she might like and if not then guess. Any of these ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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