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Summer is just around the corner and if you have not fully prepared for your wedding yet then now is the time. Making sure you cover all the bases is important. I personally had a summer wedding and wish I would have known all of these things when preparing for my big day. So for all of you summer bride-to-be ladies here are ten important things to remember for your wedding.

Waterproof Mascara

From all the emotional moments and warm weather you are sure to have a moist face at your wedding. To help prevent horrible mascara running down your face make sure you invest in great waterproof mascara. Then all you need to worry about is buying some mineral oil or eye makeup remover to get it off.

Smudge-Proof Eyeliner

Along the same lines as the waterproof mascara you are also going to want smudge-proof eyeliner. They are wonderful when you touch your eyes by accident with your hands or need to wipe the tears or sweat off your face. Either way having great eyeliner is a lifesaver.

Comfy Shoes

After hours and hours of walking, standing and dancing your poor feet will need a bit of a break. To help prevent too many blisters or sore feet make sure you pack a comfortable pair of white flip flops or other white shoes. This way you can transfer back and forth as you need to throughout the day and night.

Oil Blotting Tissues

These are a must for a daytime wedding as they will keep the glare down on your forehead. Not that you wanted to accentuate that anyhow. The oil blotting tissues are great if you have super oily skin or sweat easily. They keep the oil and moisture down on your face and can be hidden in your dress to be used as much as needed.

Summer Dress

If the wedding dress you got is really heavy and you are having a wedding somewhere that reaches over one-hundred degrees you may want to pack a summer dress. This is a great way to cool off after a long ceremony and once all the photos are done. It is amazing how great it feels to just throw a cute light dress on after being untied out of your wedding dress.

Bustle Your Dress

If you are having an outdoor wedding or going to take outdoor photos then it is a good idea to get your wedding dress bustled. I had this done and it made a world of a difference when dancing and getting around the wedding reception. Having your train out for the ceremony and photos is about as much as you will want to deal with it. The bustle really helps out a lot.

Drink Water

One of the most important things to remember for your summer wedding is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. There is a lot of stress and anxiety that comes along with walking down the aisle in front of lots of people and then speaking out loud too. To help prevent for getting heat stroke or fainting remember to carry water bottles around with you.

Allergy Medicine

If you are one of the millions that suffer from allergies then you may want to pack your allergy medicine. The summer months can be brutal for those who suffer from serious allergies and there is no time for suffering on your wedding day. To make sure you are good to go take your medication in the morning and keep it with you throughout the wedding and reception.

Pedicure & Manicure

Now that open toed shoes are finally getting pulled out of the closet you may have noticed your feet. Winter does horrible things to heels and since socks have covered the toes there has been no need to paint them. To prepare for the sexy open toed wedding shoes and the new bling bling make sure you make a manicure and pedicure appointment for the day before your wedding.


If you are having your wedding outdoors or live in an area that has high humidity in the summer then you will want to use plenty of hair spray. Make sure you tell your hair stylist to use extra hold so there is no wild hair by the end of the day. Also you can get a little travel size to stick in your purse as well.

Hopefully I have covered most of the things you wouldn’t want to forget to do or bring. It can get really overwhelming on your wedding day so make sure you plan ahead of time instead of waiting until the last minute. Good luck with your summer wedding and I hope everything goes as smooth as possible.

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  • Great tips! And one more – use anti sweating deo powder! At my cousins wedding, most of us had a wet spots under the arms!

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