Wedding Planning Tips


By: Alexine

If you have a wedding to attend in the next week or so and have not had time to shop then you might want to listen up. Last minute gifts can be tricky, especially when you do not have much time on your hands. Making time to go to the wedding might be enough stress on you. If this is the case then here are five great last minute gifts you can grab for the bride and groom.

Pricy Champagne

An easy buy for sure as most newlyweds love sipping on delicious champagne after the wedding. If you do not feel comfortable choosing one then ask the person in charge of the liquor store about champagne. Do not be surprised about how expensive they are as the quality and price are directly related.

Restaurant Certificate

If there is a great restaurant in the area where the bride and groom live then go and purchase a gift certificate for the cost of two normal dinners. If you can afford more than that is great but do not feel bad giving a twenty dollar certificate. Something is better than nothing and will be greatly appreciated.

Registry Item

If you buy a last minute registry item for the couple then all you have to do is print off a picture of it or write a little note in their card. Something like “your gift is on it’s way” works well and doesn’t sound last minute. With everyone working and extremely busy around the time of their wedding they are not going to think you forgot until the day of or day before.

Grocery Gift Card

On your way to the wedding you can always grab a gift certificate to a nice grocery store that the couple uses. While you are there you can grab a card as well. This is an easy gift that will be greatly appreciated. Any amount will help the couple off set their grocery costs around such an expensive time.

Planted Pot

If there is a beautiful green house or garden center in your area then a planted pot would be a great gift to bring the bride and groom. There are so many flowers and greenery plants that bloom year round that you can find one anytime of the year. A nice planted pot can be either an indoor or outdoor decoration that they are sure to enjoy.

Hopefully one of these gift ideas is convenient enough for you to do sometime in the last few days before the wedding. The bride and groom are sure to enjoy just a little something if that is what you can afford. Do not feel obligated to go all out if you cannot afford a large gift. Good luck pulling something together and have a great time at the wedding.

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