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By: Alexine

Throwing a pirate wedding is quite an adventure. From the costumes to the props, there is a lot of detail put into such a fun theme. To help choose the best location for the ceremony and reception I have come up with five great locations to have your pirate wedding. This will help eliminate one of the more difficult decisions and allow you to set the date.


Known for its white sand beaches along the Gulf Coast, Florida is the perfect location for your pirate wedding. There are plenty of gorgeous hotels and resorts along the beaches that offer wedding packages that would suit any wedding size.

Another perk of flying into Florida is that there are many airfare specials down to the major airports so your guests can take advantage of great rates. This will keep people from skipping out due to high travel costs.


An island oasis is a wonderful location for your pirate wedding. With gorgeous beaches on all the islands you can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose. Choosing your island based on great airfare will keep the expenses reasonable and help your family and friends afford the trip.

There are plenty of all inclusive resorts and private homes on the beach you could rent for the wedding. It all depends on how large of a wedding you plan on having. To help determine where to book the wedding you may want to send out a card asking who will actually come to Hawaii on the dates specified. Then you can book the proper size place based on your head count.

Pirate Ship

Along the East and West coast of the United States there are pirate ship rentals and tall ships you can have your wedding on. Most are limited on space so this would be the best decision if you were having a smaller wedding or an intimate ceremony before a larger reception off the ship.

Renting a tall ship for a week with family and friends would be a great way to have your pirate wedding on the sea. They come with a full crew to sail you around. All you need to do is show up with all the clothes and accessories you need for the wedding and days after.


Most coastal areas have private yachts that are available to have parties and weddings on board. They come in a variety of sizes so you may want to book according to your attending guest list. This will help make sure you do not book a yacht that is too small.

The nice thing about yachts is that they are designed to cater large parties so the amenities are there for your ceremony and reception. Then all you will have to do is make sure you don’t forget the costumes.

Local Beach

While all the previous locations would be wonderful it is sometimes hard to get to either coast or the islands in Hawaii. As a less expensive alternative, having your wedding at a local beach is perfect for a pirate wedding. It could be on a lake or on the ocean but as long as it is a beach you are good to go.

There are many public beaches you can rent from the city to get permission to have your ceremony and possibly your reception as well. Talk with the town hall to see what the choices are for different beaches or parks in your area.

Making Your Decision

Any of the places listed above would be wonderful locations for your pirate wedding. All you need are the costumes and decorations to turn any place into a pirate landing. After you determine your wedding budget you can seek out costs for the places that sounded great to you and see which ones are in your budget.

Sometimes staying in budget means you have to take people off you guest lists. However, this is not always a bad thing as having a smaller more intimate wedding may be nicer for you and your fiancé.

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