Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

There are so many photos all over tabloids about the latest celebrity weddings. From custom made dresses to out of season flowers, when money is not a problem you can really spend too much on the wedding. To help keep your celebrity like wedding under the normal cost of one hundred thousand to one million dollars I have put together some money saving tips.

The Dress

The best way to find your celebrity like wedding dress is to pick your favorite dress from the available wedding photos in the magazines or online and get looking. Take the photo to your local bridal boutiques and mainstream bridal stores to try and find one that has the same style and accents. This will cut the cost of the dress from about twenty thousand to less than one thousand dollars with shoes.

The Flowers

Flowers are one of the most difficult decisions to make. If you have an idea of which colors you want then taking a trip to your local flower market or flower shops to see what is in season will help you make your decision. The flowers that are in season will be a lot less expensive than those being shipped from far away tropical places. Go for a color or several colors instead of a specific flower and let the florist help you stay in your budget. You can save thousands of dollars without sacrificing the beauty.

The Cake

When choosing your cake you can save money by having the bakery make a simple white layered cake that will serve your guest list and then decorating it yourself. The beautiful celebrity cakes with handmade candy flowers and decorations can cost close to fifteen dollars per person. However, when you choose to decorate your own cake with live flowers it will cost three or four dollars per person for the same type of cake.

The Accessories

With huge diamonds glittering all over celebrity brides costing a quarter to a half a million dollars it is hard to imagine getting your hands on such a glamorous look. Do not be discouraged as there two great alternatives. You can rent real diamonds from a jewelry rental company that helps brides dress up for their big day. Or you can buy realistic cubic zirconium jewelry that looks just like the real diamonds.

The Entertainment

While it would be wonderful to rock out to your favorite rock band or slow dance to your favorite country love song at your wedding, that can cost more than your whole budget. Make the music work for you and hire a great cover band that takes requests and will play your favorite songs or hire a professional DJ that has the real version of all the songs you love. These alternatives will cost a fraction with still the same great songs.

Enjoy the Savings

While it would be nice to afford a celebrity wedding the alternatives can be just as wonderful. When you take matters into your own hands and do the searching you can have the same great look and experience without the huge debt afterwards. Starting your married life without thousands of dollars of wedding debt would be much more relaxing than worrying about money. Enjoy your celebrity like wedding in style without the cost.

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