Wedding Planning Tips

By: Alexine

When you are planning your wedding the last thing you will be thinking about is what to pack for the night after your big day. This is a great opportunity to purchase some fun items for the first night the two of you will enjoy together as husband and wife. Have fun shopping around with your girl friends or just on your own if time is tight.


While you might have had this one figured out already, picking out really sexy lingerie set is a must for your wedding night. A stop at Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood would be a great start as they have a huge selection in most sizes. Also if you are a fuller figured bride Lane Bryant is a great place to find lingerie.


It doesn’t matter how you like your chocolate, any type is a great addition on your wedding night. Stopping by the chocolate store to get some chocolate covered strawberries or truffles is always nice. You can also make a call to the hotel to see if they can provide any chocolates to the room if they need to be refrigerated and the climate is warm.


I would suggest one nice bottle of expensive champagne for your wedding night or a few if you don’t think just one will do. It is nice to have something to sip on as you remaniss about the big day you just had together. If you do not drink alcohol then sparkling cider or pear juice works and looks just as cool in the flutes.

Silky Boxers

To accompany your cute little lingerie outfit and allow your new husband some comfort, be sure and pack him some silky boxers. They are great to give him as a gift the night of the wedding to relax in at the hotel room.

Swim Suits

Many hotels offer wonderful accommodations including a hot tub and pool. These fun and relaxing activities require appropriate attire. Make sure you do not forget both of your swim suits and flip flops for hanging out around the pool and hot tub.


Whether you want nice warm robes to wear down to the pool or when you get out of the shower, they always come in handy. If you get his and her robes with your initials or the initial of your last name sewn on that makes them a little more special.


To make sure the delicious food you ate at the wedding isn’t lingering behind it is important to have your dental hygiene kit along. Pack your favorite toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash and floss. These will come in handy for all those newlywed kisses that follow the wedding.


After a long day at your wedding it will be nice to grab a drink together in an intimate atmosphere before heading to your room for the night. Make sure you pack a cute dress to wear in place of your wedding dress after the wedding so you do not have to wear the large dress out. You may want to change before you leave the reception.


A sexy pair of pumps will make any cute dress look great and slim your calves. Make sure you grab a pair to wear from your wedding to the hotel so you have something to accompany the lingerie. Choose something flashy like hot red, cobalt blue or animal print.


To ensure you have decent looking hair once all the bobby pins, products and accessories come out it is important to have your hairbrush. Also make sure you have your favorite shampoo and conditioner to help save the damage caused by the hairdo you wore at your wedding. It feels wonderful to just have your clean wet hair at the end of the day.

Pack Light

At the end of the day you will not need much in your overnight bag after your wedding. Packing the items named above will be the majority of what you need after such a long day. Enjoy your wedding and your first night as a married couple.

4 Responses to Ten Things to Pack for Your Wedding Night

  • Im not wearing any sexy underwear, i think i look ridiculous in it and feel stupid wearing it, i will b wearin pjs on my wedding night, i know my husband will be hoping i will some even slightly sexy lingere but i wont be, he shd know me well enough not to expect it.

  • I use a lot of books and ebooks. My very favorite is Erica Yoon’s Amazing Wedding Planning. It’s complete and goes through a lot of planning ideas as well as money saving ideas. Second would be the Knot’s Ultimate Wedding Planner. It has a lot of checklists so you can get the big picture up front and then go into the details.

  • I think this is a great practical list. Thank you! An I will pack a Bible for those romantic Song of Solomon segments!

  • yea and we all wonder if your still married….

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