Wedding Planning Tips

wedding night packing

By: Alexine

When you are planning your wedding the last thing you will be thinking about is what to pack for the night after your big day. This is a great opportunity to purchase some fun items for the first night the two of you will enjoy together as husband and wife. Have fun shopping around with your girl friends or just on your own if time is tight.


While you might have had this one figured out already, picking out really sexy lingerie set is a must for your wedding night. A stop at Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood would be a great start as they have a huge selection in most sizes. Also if you are a fuller figured bride Lane Bryant is a great place to find lingerie.


It doesn’t matter how you like your chocolate, any type is a great addition on your wedding night. Stopping by the chocolate store to get some chocolate covered strawberries or truffles is always nice. You can also make a call to the hotel to see if they can provide any chocolates to the room if they need to be refrigerated and the climate is warm.
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